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Nurses Are Beginning to Come Forward

The videos and articles are arriving on a regular basis and so big thanks to you all. Doctors and nurses in all areas of the medical profession are beginning to come forward, expressing what is actually taking place in the field. They’re arriving from all parts of the world. This is real information not some made up play that’s entertaining.

Remember how deeply involved some folks would get over a soap opera or sporting event? This form of entertainment takes hold on the subconscious and if allowed to, will master control of it. News is news and entertainment is entertainment. How did we lose sight of that? So many now live in total delusion. They’re misconceptions and misbeliefs have secured a sizable portion of their mind and so live in fear and confusion.

We’re so grateful to be living in an area sparsely populated with an abundance of fresh things both grazing and growing. Liane’s made note of it several times throughout the lockdown. I remember twenty plus years ago her trusting my thoughts, as until then most of the trends were foreign to her. A lot has changed in twenty years and now she’s as sharp as a tack.

What’s seems to be right around the corner is a battle we want no part of. Once a person’s subconscious has dovetailed to an idea we’ll let’s just say in many cases the end result will be a coffin. True or not, right or wrong people will die for their beliefs. History’s got my back on that one. Until next time, Barry in DR.

Youtube is censoring this video from many youtubers and has removed it from our Youtube channel but you can view it on our BitChute Channel. Click on the link down below.



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