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Tucker in Command

One of my biggest beefs about the world we currently live in is the media. Our current excuse of media couldn’t provide an accurate report if their careers depended on it. That’s because they do. Just look at the list of the axed. Readers you had better take whatever time is necessary and start investing it instead of wasting it. Any person still supporting this fiasco of a pandemic deserves the apocalypse as well as the effects they’ll be experiencing.

I’m always one who enjoys dispensing credit to others and I’ll admit most of these actors are pretty good. I’ve enjoyed hundreds of the videos you good people have been forwarding and even though we haven’t watched TV in over a decade must admit Tucker is my favorite. I wish I could sound as good as him but here is the important difference. I understand these people as entertainment NOT NEWSCASTERS!!!

Digest the hard truths understand that it has been your downfall and as such willingly or not has helped our mutual opponent who two plus months later still keeps us all under lockdown. We have redefined our athletes and actors just like Tucker Carlson. Through a carefully planned metamorphosis over decades we’ve unknowingly changed them into distributors of reality truth and solution. We mentors view reality and take the time to sort fake from real. We say they’re distributors of nothing other than propaganda!!

They’re coming for you, your children, your grandchildren and your pension but don’t worry. Remain fearful and ignorant turn an uninterested shoulder to the obvious. Very soon Tucker Carlson and the thousands of talking heads will be distributing the above. We mentors know this because of numbers and we’re letting you know beforehand. If the media follows its current course, relax for it too will be alerting you. The only difference though is ours was released before and theirs followed the same course they’ve been navigating for decades. Listen to them and in a little over two months will begin reading the correct script. Damn that Tucker’s good though. Next time I have to remember the popcorn. Until Next time, Barry in DR.

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