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BOMBSHELL: Senator Ted Cruz is Asking the Right Questions

The Lockdown has destroyed what little was left of a dying economy. To this I have no counter argument. While the Governments of the world were kept busy dissecting the last few remaining sectors, we the masses were kept quiet and out of the way by means of implementing a lockdown. An unnecessary lockdown as the information now clearly indicates.

Yes I agree we’ve been patching a walking dead economy for over a decade now and it had to give. Even the best duct tape can only hold for so long. However was this method correct way to introduce the demise?  I say it was not. There will be a lot more who suffer because of their actions but hey there’s lots of us so according to them we’re expendable.

Either way for or against the lockdown I have a question for you all. If you found out that it was your own country that’s actually funded a good part of the research and development of this virus would it change your mind about any of what’s being said?

If you found out that the hailed hero Dr. Fauci was involved not only on the funding side but also on the R and D side of what has been discovered is a decade long project. Would it change your mind to know that 8 million of your tax dollars went into this madness over a decade ago.

Apparently the same people forcing this lockdown were involved with the same lab in Wuhan China. They not only funded the development of this strain of Coronavirus COVID-19 they also participated in the research on disbursing its antibodies.

The same people that the greater percentages are still foolishly trusting are many of the same that initially brought, developed and paid for this virus COVID-19! If this is not a total game changer nothing else brought forward will be.

Those people are now lost and should be distanced from. They will not take the responsibility of preparing themselves and their families for what surely lies ahead. No these people rely on their government. So here is a quick question for you. What will these people do when they turn to their government and their government in return gives them the middle finger?

Up until now the greater percentage seems to still be OK with it. We hope this bombshell release changes that but I study these subjects of how the powers control the minds of the many. Sadly to say it won’t change a thing. Fear does some wild things to people.

The primordial fears we are all born with will back my previous sentence. Religions, elites and governments have been using these against us since time began, all that’s ever changes is the technology. Another thing fear creates is procrastination and that’s the part that many should be aware of.

Soon after their government waves that middle finger, will the same people be remembering all the times you tried to talk them into being prepared you know just in case. Well your name’s just been changed to Justin Case. Welcome to the new world Mr. Justin Case. Hope you like the neighbors. Until next time, Barry in DR.

The Links to the 2 videos:

NewsWeek: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6y8dlhoMpo&t=374s&app=desktop

Senator Ted Cruz: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WeD0qhR5XOY

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