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I’m Glad I’m Not Young In Today’s World

May 2, 2020

I’m Glad I’m Not Young In Today’s World

Taking a couple of months in the highlands. The assignment was finished and as always had the option of delaying my return. I’d travel the world in some of the most out of the way locations!!!

Most long time subscribers can relate to the fact I’m forever stressing the importance of asking the right question or questions. Another thing I accept complete responsibility for is I continually stress the point of how important it is for you to first unlearn what you think you know. It’s no coincidence that in many religious scriptures and fables we humans are referred to as a vessel. Here’s a few examples from past areas of study I’m quite familiar with.

The ladies of the mud people tribe

Ohr (“Light” Hebrew: אור; plural: Ohros/Ohrot “Lights” אורות) is a central Kabbalistic term in the Jewish mystical tradition. … The term Ohr in Kabbalah is contrasted with Ma’ohr, the “luminary”, and Kli, the spiritual “vessel” for the light. As a metaphor it also has its limitations.  

When using the term vessel in many religious beliefs it’s being used as a metaphor implying limitations on volume or capacity. By multiplying its dimensions you’ll be able to determine its compactly however the vessel cannot expand or contract it holds a fixed volume and as such when full cannot accept more.

Warrior’s show me their various weapons. Some of them were actually pretty clever.

Another way the term vessel is used as a metaphor is to describe those possessing a closed mind. When used as such it also implies limitations. A closed mind is ridged. To a large degree this serves to be the chief reason it’s termed a vessel. Regardless if it’s constructed out of metal, glass clay or even when used to describe a person’s mind it is meant to designate something fixed. Therefore the vessel must first remove some of its contents before being able to add more and that’s a problem. The ego doesn’t like that.

Trust me when I say these are some dudes that know how to take care of themselves. The headrests are made of their ancestors hair dating back several generations.

This is why you’ll find in several scriptures a sentence similar too: when the student is ready the teacher will appear will show up somewhere. Here’s another example only approaching it from the opposite point of view. It’ is also said that: The teacher knows the level of a student’s understanding by the questions that are being asked.

As I’m authoring this post on day 44 of a global lockdown I can still hear the music originating from the Haitian church down the hill from our place. It’s a peaceful sound. It’s reassuring tones make me think of a time way long ago. I was thinking of my work as a freelance photographer.

During that time of my life It was a common practice for me to be spending much of my time overseas, and in some of the most remote places of this earth. I remember several times when tribesmen would ask my interpreter if they could touch me. When i’d initially asked why (after a while I got used to it) he’d answer because of my skin color. They wanted to see if I was cold to the touch.

In other words they had never seen a white skinned man before. 

Notice that I’m on my knees. These people have incredible muscle tone.

In the beginning filling a passport with country stamps in about two years time taught me a lot about the variations in people. It was an exciting time in my life! However it wasn’t until I unlearned what I previously thought I knew that taught me even more. It revealed our similarities outnumber our differences and by a large margin.

By looking at some of my slide bank stock pictures you can tell that was a long time ago. Truly it was a different time and even more a different place. It was remarkable!

The days before pollution killed the Red Sea.

I became so relaxed I went into a bit of a daydream. When reentering back to the present I first cleared my head then thought to myself for a moment. Sadly I begin to realize that world is gone and is never coming back.

The tribes in the Papua highlands, the rain-forests and the Red Sea are still vivid memories but will never be the same. I miss the thousands of dives all over the world however none are ever coming back. It was a real world just look at some of the pictures I’ve attached to this post. I can’t imagination what some of these places look like today. Did they sell themselves out like we did? I sure hope not.

Palau Federated States of Micronesia

Now I find myself back in the present lockdown. What I wouldn’t give to have that sense of power and freedom back. Sure in today’s world some folks tweet or FB all day long but little if any of its real. It provides them with a quick shot of dopamine to get them through their day. Their lives have been reduced to seeking such simple gestures of acknowledgement as a thumbs up or thumbs down. It’s living a life as shallow as a puddle but this is our world. We created it

I remember being in the water with these guys on several assignments even before we started using cages. Funny thing though I still felt more in control than I do in our current environment. The most dangerous sharks prey off the land not in the sea.


I’m glad not young in today’s world. Half the things we used to do would be deemed illegal today. Today you need to be wearing more safety equipment just to ride a bicycle than we used while playing ice hockey back in the 70’s.

I wish we did a better job on ourselves and with who we elected. Perhaps things might have been different if we did. Correction I forgot you’re not allowed to ride a bike while under Lockdown. Did I already mention I’m glad I’m not young in today’s world? Until next time.


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