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Andrew Bolt – Sky News From Down Under in Australia

As we continue to hammer home the point about this whole Coronavirus thing is little more than a well-organized staged pandemic we continue to move on. Because of honest people trying to do the right thing and that is bring out the truth this virus scam had little option other than to eventually morph into something that can no longer be kept in the closet.

How can you when you now have closet doors opening from all four corners of the world? By the way some of those doors happen to be located in some of the best parts of town. Make no mistake it serves as another factor in it being exposed so vividly. There are a lot of big players that weren’t included in this one and their angry!

Observe, but do it from a distance see how the sheep follow first one way then the opposite. Years ago I coined the phrase Sheep were bred to be led. The fact that some of the highest ranking mainstream news sources are now jumping on board in unison, tells the mentors that the herd will soon follow and sway in a new predetermined direction.

Expect to see the following shift. Soon you’ll see the masses supporting the opposite view and demanding to be allowed to return to work. You can already begin to see the shift however what you’re witnessing are only effects. The cause was released two months prior in the form of a fake pandemic.

While the cause for this instance was released only a couple of months ago the entire plan has been in existence for millennia.  The mentor’s research only commences at the Sumerian culture so the approximate era would be around 3800BC. This three decade plus passion is by far my most treasured puzzle. The wisdom attained is proving to be priceless but still it’s difficult to change. Only the very few will stick with it and yes parts are lonely however. You can never be lonely if you like the one your with. This will truly teach you what likening yourself is really all about. Trust me it has nothing to do with social media either.

To these more common mindsets the fact that the information is already two months old means little.  The naïve now believe… believe being the key word that they now know some recently found news stating suddenly it’s safe to reopen. The mentors understood that train’s left the station 7 weeks prior in other words. They’re so far behind they think they’re first.

As this particular breed tends to shy away from any form of formal thought once the all clear is given will habitually reach for their keys to return to whatever was before. I’m confident it’s approximately at that point in time that a good percentage will suddenly comprehend. Reopen what? Folks who think from a reactive position rather than a proactive position tend to be this way. I’m not implying good or bad, right or wrong it just is what it is. The vast majority view things from a reactive position.

The Mentors know it is only at that late stage that the majority will begin to see the damage that they self-inflicted. I’ve always said this is one fight I don’t want ringside seats for. Largely because of this staged Lockdown what now lies ahead of us we and others who think similar prefer to be somewhere lost in the bleachers. You might want to consider the same but it’s only a choice. Until Next time, Barry in DR.

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