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UK Coronavirus Adviser Neil Ferguson Resigns

When biased insiders are awarded positions of power only to abuse them a few weeks later goes to reinforce the sad fact that we haven’t been living in a democracy for decades now. Some choose to call the new version communism or fascism and even socialism, whatever ISM you want to, but after yet another bombshell of an announcement comes to light don’t dare call it democracy. What Neil Ferguson committed could only have been successful in an ISM run nation. This simply cannot happen when abiding to the laws that designate what a true democracy is.

To us mentors it makes no difference if the incident occurred over in the UK. What matters is the fact that he broke his own lockdown laws. The mentors don’t care about him having an extra marital affair. That’s fine if it’s two consenting adults. We don’t judge and nobody elected him pope either. Actually nobody elected him for anything he was installed like a part on a machine. So where is there any remote resemblance to a democracy in the above verbiage? There isn’t! NADA NUNCA MAS!

As our research clearly points out this often leads to serious depression. When these wounded souls reach out and there is no hand to be found many of them see no alternative. Soon large percentages of the citizenry will be feeling similar frequencies vibrating within themselves. They too will be looking for that elected hand to be there and when they discover it is only a middle finger will acquiesce with the other suicides. Many will feel there’s nothing left worth saving at times even life.

If you doubt what is written in the previous sentence just ask any vet. If they’re being honest a high percentage will inform you that it’s true. Since 1979 twenty three suicides a day in any size military suggest several things. One is that the nation has lost any sense of direction and is spiraling downward. Second is that it’s being self-inflicted. The nation is destroying itself from the inside out.

Currently the number one slaughterer in the U.S. military is suicide who would have ever imagined!

Are we yet beginning to see the serious state we’ve all placed ourselves in? The people that the masses blindly placed their trust in to be there in their times of need won’t be. One of many examples:  Just look at the unemployment programs falling apart in a matter of days! As a matter of good discussion several of our pre-believed cornerstones have been shaken loose and the whole damn building is coming down like the house of cards it’s always been. The mentor’s net numbers dictate that for many it might be better to take the hit now and get out. Until next time, Barry in DR.

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