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What Happened to the Coronavirus Pandemic?

Over the past few days it seems the deadly Covid-19 virus has suddenly all but vanished. Seriously I ask you how is it possible for a subject that once headlined every major server and held that position for over two and a half months has all but faded away in under a week. Short answer it’s not. More and more people are beginning to catch on that this whole virus pandemic thing was a blown out of proportion manufactured hoax. The shift of attention had to take place.

Whenever the present diversion loses its cloak those in control simply create another diversion. We said there would be a hockey stick uptick in violence come first half of 2020 and there is. There’s little doubt about that coming to realization. It had to it was time for the controllers to shift their easily controlled flock. It’s much the same case with climate change. People lost interest so let’s create another diversion to draw in the gullible and move on. My deepest fear resides in knowing the violence we’re currently experiencing is largely still in its infancy. It’s going to get a lot worse.

From the controller’s side the lockdown was a complete success. It accomplished exactly what it was supposed to do which was finish off an already un-savable economy. However the mentors feel it also may have woken a sleeping giant meaning a lot of folks have begun asking sensible questions. The mentors have discussed this on several levels and have come to the understanding that depending on which direction it tilts may have been that blessing in disguise we’ve all be looking for.

In any case regardless of the direction it’s going to be a rough change. Remember how many years we’ve been reading that the longer this is kicked down the road the harder a landing it will be. Well tighten your chin strap for the foreseeing future.

Without a source of income bills begin to pile up. Adding onto that already stressful condition people were quarantined at home. The added stresses of being with the family, no work or having to close down the business, wondering if they’ll ever be able to reopen began bringing things to a boil. Take away much of the mind-numbing entertainment and you’ve got a lethal mix. This is a near perfect recipe just waiting for any spark. This spark just happened to have the name George Floyd but there were dozens of others it could have been. None of which should be considered the cause. The cause took decades to complete. Floyd as sad as it is was merely one of many trigger points.

I keep trying to inform people about how the four primordial fears are being used against us, but still few seem to want to recognize this truth. Until you invest a fair portion of your time and undergo some serious take in about what these four fears are and how they’re being used to manipulate the greater population will simply remain controlled by it. Those mindsets will never be able to break free in an unfree world. When the subconscious mind is controlled both direction and behavior can be easily manipulated. Less than a week ago it was the pandemic now the limelight shifted to the subject of violence. The controllers are once again leading the controlled. Nothing changes but the technology. Until next time, Barry in DR.

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