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Dr. Rashid Buttar – The Side Effects Of Wearing A Mask

Be honest with yourself. How many knew that when a nurse or a doctor wears a mask it’s to protect you not them? I’ve communicated with several folks on both sides of the mask debate. Regardless of which side they lean towards almost 100% remained ignorant of the fact that the micron numbers used on the highest percentages of masks renders them useless against blocking the COVID-19 cell from bypassing.

The cells of the COVID are way smaller in size and can easily pass through all but the most expensive filtration equipment. Did you know any of the above? If your answer is yes and if you have no extenuating preconditions then what are you doing behind a mask. Could it be because you see so many others wearing them? What about because you were told to? If either of these answers is yes I feel bad for the state of your being. The most difficult prison to escape is your mind.

I’m not going to dwell on the topic of should I or should I not wear a mask. That’s a subjective decision and since you wearing a mask doesn’t hurt anyone else ought to be free to do so. Just be aware of the risks involved and what you’re actually putting your body through by doing so. Re-watch the video if necessary and perhaps scratch down a few notes. Now go and compare them to what other doctors and nurses have to say about what you’ve just watched. If you’re using the correct search terms should be rather shocked when comparing it to what the mainstream sources were telling you.

When things work correctly they work with ease. Everything flows and merges neatly, there’s very little stress when things are flowing their natural way. They’re said to be in balance. Where the problem lies is when things become out of balance. I’ve always said: a lot of time and no money is just as bad as a lot of money and no time. Both examples are representations of being out of balance. What once worked with ease is now struggling. Several stress points have begun to expose themselves internal pressure begins to build. If left unchecked over time ease turns into a state of disease.

Look around today and what do you see? If being truthful and unbiased you see disease (DIS-EASE) of the mind and the body. Social distancing and wearing masks to conceal your emotional expression just confirms their now attacking your soul. Humanity needs physical contact and if this goes unchallenged will turn out to play a pivotal role of what many feel is humanities next phase. That would be a silicon/carbon based being.

We’re departing the industrial phase and entering the technological phase. Trust me science is already knocking on its doorstep and will be here within a few years. I’m not saying this is good or bad I’m merely saying it is what it is. Humanity is heading towards that direction and at the same time seems to have the accelerator pushed to the floor. Until next time, Barry in DR.

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