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What Kind of People Are We Becoming

As someone who’s been mentioning for longer than I’d care to remember how we’ve been divided then re-divided so many times and in so many ways we’ve become oblivious to the fact. The entire planet is in the pre-stages of extreme chaos and the greater majority remains ignorant or at minimal in denial of it. In several prior posts I’ve written on the subject of once freedoms are removed or taxes have been ushered into the citizenry rarely if ever do they return to their original state of being. To all my Canadian readers I remind you of the GST tax that when first introduced was supposed to be for five years only. Last time I checked the GST tax is still in effect two plus decades later.

During this alarming 26 minutes video the question of “What will the schools look like after COVID” came up to be addressed. Daisy Luther of the popular website The Organic Prepper fielded it with a short direct and to the point answer. Luther said “Prison camps! They’ll look like prison camps.” Funny thought just hit me. The mentors thought they did only and began mentioning this over a decade ago! There’s nothing new here in that statement.

To a fair degree public schools have been mirroring certain aspects of prison atmospheres since public schools began their existence.  Here are a couple of quick examples from a long list. The cafeteria atmospheres of both a public school and a prison are very similar to each other. In both places you’ll be seeing prisoners or students lining up with their plastic trays and utensils. In either cafeteria you’ll witness a mirrored image of people slowly moving down a line of similar people waiting to get a relatively equal portion of exactly the same thing. What Am I missing here? Where’s the big difference? Both systems were designed to move large masses of people efficiently so to a degree should be similar.

Another good example would be recess. Does a school YARD not duplicate a prison YARD? Both yards are supervised by armed security personal. Both yards tend to mirror the same assemblies of small to medium sized groups of people sharing the same heritage religion, color or sexual preference. Other than the ages and level of risk most other aspects are nearly identical. Both school yards and prison yards tend to have exercise equipment like pull-up bars or weighs. Just look at any movie that features scenes from a prison yard then a school yard and you’ll see for yourself there are several commonalities between them both.

Humanity is being reprogrammed once again. Restaurants, bars, sporting events and even schools will all change to adapt with the new policies of social distancing. If you’re on more of the enlightened side you already know social distancing is just another means of divide and conquer strategy. It’s been used by militaries, governments and even royalty since recorded history began. Using the various methods of divide and conquer strategies remains key if the few are to control the many. It saddens me to say even the subject of splitting up parents from children is nothing new. It’s been happening for millennia. All that stops the abuse is when the people had enough and revolt! Truth is a bitch sometimes.

Nothing reverts back to the way it was before. It’s never back to normal rather it modifies to become the “new normal” and if you understand what the term actually is implying already know is not a good thing. If we let it happen schools will take on even more of a prison like atmosphere but only if we let it happen! When are we going to say enough is enough and take back our normal? Let the old normal become the New Normal! The many dictating to the elected few, you know the ones hired by us, paid by us, supposed to represent us. That truly would be a new normal wouldn’t it? Until next time, Barry in DR.

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