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President Donald J. Trump Signs Social Media Executive Order

On May 28th 2020 President Donald Trump signed into effect an executive order challenging the many unaudited powers of social media. It’s no longer deniable that social media platforms such as YouTube Twitter and Facebook now control a vast majority of the population’s data consumption. I don’t need to remind anybody how dangerous of a situation that is. We’re helpless without the use of THEIR technology! Without their technology WE CANNOT communicate on any reliable high volume level, at least not yet.

Currently the media has the self-granted power of being able to sensor unchallenged. They are the sole decision makers when it comes to what’s distributed to the citizens not only of the Western Nation but of the entire world! Their power runs deep and whoever challenges the wishes of those who are writing the checks rarely favor well. Somehow they’re either committing suicide or are often the unlucky ones who have their 450SL blow up upon starting. Honestly you’d think a company like Mercedes Benz could solve a problem like that.

Never before in history has it been easier to control what the citizenry receives as newscast. The amount of control this provides the wielder should be recognized for the dangerous weapon it is. Currently it’s being deployed on a sleeping giant that’s about to awaken. Both side of the coin are recognizing there’s a whole lot of lying going on. This lockdown may actually be what reawakens. I say this because I’m hearing much the same from both sides. Please keep up the distributing it’s working. Until next time, Barry in DR.

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