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Dr. Rashid Buttar Has Undercover Coverage of WHO

Enjoy another fact filled presentation stemming from someone who without question has the wisdom to be promoting the subject matter that he does. Dr. Rashid Buttar is a true patriot spokesman for truth. Shifting gears on a positive note I’m receiving more emails expressing thanks. More folks are in fact beginning to see something is not adding up. They’re seeing the hospitals are in fact empty and are having to layoff staff.

Larger percentages are wondering why hospitals aren’t running at over capacity levels instead of less than half full. As always many are asking where is all the bodies? They’re nowhere to be seen. Not only has my Father in Law changed his views about the legitimacy of the virus, but so have a lot of others. Even the Government can’t hide the fact of overinflating the death numbers and the danger. What price should be paid from our elected and the journalists who are every bit as guilty?  These two bodies abandoned their responsibilities. By spreading unwarranted chaos openly to a blind public while never doing any confirming research, should be held responsible. At least to a point, don’t forget it’s up to us to do our own research and not rely on what’s being told. Bottom line is, did they not see what horrendous damage to the entire world this act would cause?

Here’s another reason I know that more people are opening their senses. Earlier today Liane went with her friend for a hair trim. No big deal they do this every so often but here’s the catch. Liane was mentioning how ridicules this lockdown is and her friend responded with “ Yeah a lot of people we know are getting fed up with this and know something is not right here”. They’re well aware of it’s not from any virus. This is good as more and more are beginning to question. This bogus lockdown might just be the awakening many of us needed. I sure hope so.

Thanks goes out to all of our subscribers helping us get truth to as many that will listen. We cannot do it without your help. Several places around the world are slowly starting to open and that’s a good thing. However to date none have experienced any sort of bounce, actually it’s been quite the opposite from the hundreds of interviews being done. Their responses have been cautious mixed with a kind of deadpan sound echoing in their voices. No matter how hard you tried except for the fact of being glad to be back to work these voices weren’t revealing anything positive.

Businesses that have reopened have found a soft entry but not because of any fear from getting any disease. They’ve all claimed exactly what the mentors claimed that they would be. We said two things would occur when reopening begins. First there would be no great bounce back when businesses began to reopen and second the downturns would be on the account of economics and not on the account of fear. The mentors also said a third thing would occur upon reopening and that was soon we’ll begin to realize the true extent of the cost, the real damage this unnecessary lockdown really caused.

More and more people are beginning to recognize this virus is not what it appeared to be and in fact is politically motivated. Most haven’t caught onto the economic side of why it happened, but still this is a start an awaking of sorts. Let’s keep pressing this information forward. Everyday more and more are getting the sense that something feels wrong! I just couldn’t resist. Keep moving forward towards freedom. Until next time, Barry in DR.

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