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Steve Deace – What We Need To Do To Get Back To Work

I’ve long found Steve Deace to be a solid source of information. I’ve been watching him for years. One reason why is in this recent show. What the President needs to do in order to get the nation back up and running. In this instance Deace just happens to be spot on every point made! The key take away is it’s all about choice. However don’t expect others to pay for those self-immolating when all the hard factual information points in the opposite direction. Quoting Steve”: “No federal money for any State denying its citizens its rights and liberties. If you want to stay closed and intercourse yourselves because you hate Trump that much, do that dumbassery on your dime then. No taxpayer compensation for the self-immolation”.  Like the caption behind him says Steve Deace “Truth be told”

Continuing on with our efforts pointing out where the real damage lies I’d like to show you on an easy to understand graph illustrating just one phase of it. Every phase of transportation is running similar numbers. Currently there is no economy! That’s just one phase and since everything is connected in the transmission, only represents the beginning of this downward spiral. Be prepared for this is going to be with us for years to come. That’s the real damage caused by the ignorant. Remember pandemic refers to geographic area. Don’t confuse it with epidemic which is defined by proportion of society infected. Misusing the terms of certain key words is a well-known ploy used to cloud what should otherwise be clear waters. Evidently it works.

By knowing that the true reasons behind this lockdown are political and economic rather than anything stemming from any virus pay attention to the following. Those people that rely solely on what media is at their finder tips to determine their understanding of almost anything are a dangerous breed. Go and figure, people will research all day long comparing prices and options on their next laptop, but for the sake of all our wellbeing, it’s like pulling teeth from a duck. In other words it ain’t gonna happen. My research mirrored similar results on sea freight and small package delivery companies too! This is only just the tip of what is soon to be realized is a very long spear. “The most violent element in society is ignorance” Emma Goldman. Until next time, Barry in DR.


Hey Trump, Here’s How to Finally End These Insane Lockdowns | Steve Deace Show: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=lClXNa16SdA
Euro Control :https://www.eurocontrol.int/

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