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Women Tells All – Training For Covid-19 Contact Tracers

Anybody remember the name Ammon Bundy?  Here’s a short excerpt from the blog that accompanied the video we posted just two weeks ago. The video Bundy appeared in was titled they’re coming for your Children. In the video Bundy clearly states that the US Government were looking to hire what they’re calling contact tracers. The italics that follow are an excerpt from that post. It reflects our feelings of knowing these things were coming to fruition only knowing it several decades prior. It’s like a cut that never heals. From two weeks prior.

“Have you ever had a pain that for whatever reason just doesn’t leave? It’s not excruciating, but it’s there. I’m implying about the kind of twitch that will consistently remind you it is still lingering around just in case you ever miss it for a few consecutive hours. I think to varying degrees we all can relate. As a youth who’s lived an action packed lifestyle I can relate.  I know as I’ve been living with it for decades.”

Our study group understands the pain that comes with knowing. However to the four of us it pales in comparison to the heroin monkey sitting on your shoulder for life if you choose to take the path of fear. You know that feeling when someone or something is constantly reminding you how you just don’t feel right esoterically. You’re operating in Dis-Ease, you’re uptight and stressed by the simplest things. Tap, tap, tap there’s goes that damn monkey again.

When you open your eyes and finally take a good unbiased look at what is occurring there’s no turning back. The feeling of internal peace that comes from surety cannot be duplicated. Fear becomes almost non-existent it’s been replaced with a feeling of internal power. It commences the moment you recognize the obvious fraud being applied on the greater percentage of humanity. Once the fuse is ignited there’s no putting out the explosion. You won’t want to!

So many understand what I’m authoring about however few complete the task of changing, why? We have found that one of our greatest confusions revolves around time. One of the greatest obstacles in getting large numbers to comprehend what’s occurring comes from the fact that people have trouble grasping the fact that forty or fifty years for our aggressors to plan a series of events is not out of the ordinary or for that matter particularly difficult when you already own all the planets assets and most of it’s technology.

Early on as you become slightly more enlightened you begin to understand that the true controlling powers actually change very little. They don’t need to they just need to implement the laws and as the older generation dies off the next generation is born into it. The new generation since born into it becomes the normal way of perceiving life. You can’t miss what you never had.

Its works the same way as it did on us and it does throughout all our various generations. Doesn’t every previous generation hum the same tune when it comes to that’s not how it was when I was growing up? I am now part of that generation and I can tell you it’s not.

Humanity’s been led by either some sort of avatar or royal birthright since the Sumerian culture began some 4000BC. That’s over 6000 years ago! In all that time there’s only been a few rules that have stood such a long test.  Here’s one of them. When it comes to the subject of either taxes or our freedom once taken will never return to their original stature. In today’s upside down world gullibility, it seems, is more patriotic than skepticism. Until next time,  Barry in DR.

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