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Classic Example of Apophatic Research by Amazing Polly on the Global Health Mafia

Anybody who’s been with us for any length of time has heard me use the term apophatic research. Whenever I make mention of our study group “the mentors” I often include the fact of us performing various forms of apophatic research. We peel the onion layer by layer. I suppose a fair example would be Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock and his aid Watson never actually found out who was guilty. Instead they eliminated one by one who it could not have been. In the end the last person standing had to be it because they were the only key that fit every lock. It’s a tedious elimination of following the money or the names even both! These are forms of apophatic research, of onion peeling. Finding what is by eliminating what it is not. We mentors find it fascinating. I can tell by the look on her face so does Amazing Polly. If she ever forms her own team it would be brilliant!

As with anything in life there are also pitfalls. It’s no different when it comes to performing this type of research. Because of what new information is revealed so often it can become addicting. All too often this leads into information overload. People feel they’ve accomplished something new by rediscovering the same guilty people over and over again.

I remember clearly for about the first seven to eight years we too fell into that same trap. It wasn’t till we realized that we weren’t making any significant headway towards other important aspects of why we first decided to do this. One of our chief reasons for putting the mentors together in the first place was too combined out thoughts and our resources towards creating a better more flexible plan B. Eight years later we discovered once again we would first need to unlearn before we could relearn. The vessel was full and needed to spill out a bit to allow the room to acquire more.

Soon enough we figured out we were simply convicting the same people over and over again. In the end all we were left with was the same people only reconvicted time and time again. Other than that we had little more gain out of an enormous amount of time spent doing research. We had the same guilty people with no other answers towards navigating any of the other areas of our plan B. To us this was a narrow minded approach.

It didn’t take long before figuring out we would be far better off splitting the areas of research between the four of us. That way we could each donate more time to the three or four areas as opposed to just touching on all of them. We also figured we’d be able to buy better information if we combined out resources and that’s exactly what we did. It’s all about doing what each of us likes to on our spare time and as a hobby. It’s like a never ending puzzle whose picture is constantly changing. How do I know this is true because we now know all of you good folks. Until Next time, Barry in DR.

BitChute Channel Amazing Polly:  https://www.bitchute.com/video/1Z5VYqJqrtI/

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