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President of Tanzania John Magufuli – Fruits test positive with COVID-19 Test Kits

Last week the President Magufuli of Tanzania made a nationwide speech to all Tanzanian citizens expressing how fear has led the nation into an economic nightmare far exceeding anything that COVID-19 was ever capable of doing. According to President Magufuli unwarranted fear has a stranglehold over the entire nation. He’s asking his people to think. Look around you and what do you see? Where’s the damage caused by the COVID-19 pandemic?

He carries on toward a different angle and it’s a strong one. He asks how is it possible for our nation’s fruits like pawpaw or jackfruit test positive for COVID-19. But they did and so did some goats and quails too. The language that people speak in Tanzania is Swahili and English so I’m glad for the subtitles. The undeniable type one data evidence continues to mount. More and more politicians are seeing what damage hurried poor decisions can cause. It seems that more and more the opposing sides are digging in. Just my two cents worth but I don’t feel the ones still lock onto their fear will be able to escape it. They will end up doing what they are told to. I hope I’m wrong. Until next time, Barry in DR.

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