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Whenever you assemble such names as Dr. Rashid Buttar and Dr. Judy Mikovits and both are featured in a ten minute video you’re guaranteed one thing. You’re guaranteed mountains of type one data coming at you with the velocity only a fire hose can deliver.

If that’s not enough what about a personal interview with the legend himself David Icke? One on one Icke discusses his own family. He dovetails in on his son and his grandchildren explaining how none have ever been vaccinated. Yet watch his son’s physical condition, listen how the school board’s acknowledging the spotless attendance records. Icke’s grandkids never miss a day while all the vaccinated kids are consistently absent due to illness. Icke’s four plus decades of study are consistently evident whenever he voices truths. Shame the ignorant are missing out. I suppose it’s easier for some to remain that way embellished in their fears.

As if that’s not enough in the same video you’ll also be listening to PhD Bruce H. Lipton bringing up several key to understand points, again factual type one data no opinions. People they’re destroying our immune system and the saddest part about it is that we’re letting them do it. If you don’t already understand follow along with the following dialog. I’m sure our point will become crystal clear.

Picture this. If a nation’s GDP rises when the amount of sick people rises and lowers when there are fewer sick people in the system the first question that should come to everyone’s attention is this.

 Where is there any incentive in making you better?   

If you thought about it you’d soon come to realize there isn’t one. There’s only a benefit if the patient is kept in the system. There is no benefit to Big Pharma or the health care system if its nation’s citizens are healthy! It bucks the way the system was designed to function.  You are a part of this system. To varying degrees we all are. You’d be well served by understanding this.

Haven’t you noticed not only have the percentages of the ill soared but in the past few decades so has the amount of new infectious diseases? Sadly for so many the answer is obviously no. Ask yourself if they did who in their right mind would willfully put up with such abuses being done to their own health. They all would speak out as we are.

Ask yourself how’s it possible for the amount of cancers and cases of autism to accelerate to today’s levels? I am referring particularly to the youth of America and Canada. Currently they’re running at percentages we’ve never witnessed before. So how does that figure? With all the latest vaccines being offered I’m asking how does that figure? It doesn’t! The only thing that’s diminished is the quality of life for so many foolish enough to inject them into their bodies.

Ignorance is the most powerful weapon being used against ourselves. Once again simply look at the numbers. Currently one in five newborns is born with Asthma and that’s in America! Look at the percentages of autism before and after they’ve developed a vaccine for it. Folks regardless of your current view regarding the lockdown these answers have no sides. They’re obvious if you’re aware of them. They key words to take away here are if you’re aware and the vast majorities are not.

The video finishes off with Five-time New York Times Best Selling Author Gregg Braden. Gregg brings up some valid points that originate from some plain old common sense points of view. Funniest thing about common sense though, is it’s not all that common.

This is another one of those videos I’d be putting on that flash drive for the future. You’re gonna want to show your future generations what occurred during this pivotal times in humanities history. Those of you who are honestly making the effort in passing this vital to our survival information, forward to as many as possible for now you are living up to your responsibility. There may soon come a time though when considerably more will be required from each and every one of us. If you’ve taken the time to save this information at least will have something tangible to show future generations of what Once Was! We mentors are seeing the divide widening. Until Next time, Barry in Dr.

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