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Raleigh NC Nurse Speaks Out – Media is Lying to You

I purposely selected this video for what at least I think is a prevalent point.  During a demonstration right in the parking lot of the actual hospital where this courageous nurse speaks cold hard facts about what’s currently going on in the very hospital that she works at. Did I select it for the subject matter? Not really there are several others I could have chosen from. Perhaps I selected it for it’s down to earth factual realisms. While they’re excellent and are presented in a power presentation still was not the reason.

I chose it because of the date! This was filmed April 28th. I’m trying to get the point across that this is NOT NEW and perhaps more importantly. If we don’t do more in terms of banding together an army of citizens willing to stand up to the tyrannies and I’m not referring to little groups of scattered citizens spaced all throughout the planet, life as we know it will never return. If a sizable percentage cannot be assembled until it becomes too late to do anything about it why bother.  I’ve never been one who’s been willing to throw away lives without it being warranted and “time waits for no one” so it won’t wait for us either. I’m sensing ole man time is ringing the ALL ABOARD call and if we’re still just floating posts and redundant information will surely miss the call.

I clearly understand the opposing’s position. There’s nothing left for any of them to be afraid of but the artificial fears being injected by our common adversary. As I write these few words obviously the ones behind the masks are not paying attention to the honest facts or the thousands of boots on the ground videos arriving hourly. Fact doesn’t matter when you packed full of fear AND it doesn’t even matter if the fear is warranted. When push comes to shove and they test mandatory vaccines the one’s still wearing the masks will forcefully defend what they’ve been told to. Out of fear they will stand firm on what their fear tells them. I suppose the real question is will we be doing the same? As mentioned before “time waits for no one”. We’re beginning to question it ourselves. Until next time, Barry in DR.



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