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What Is Really Going On In Sweden With No Lockdown

I was recently forwarded a video that had a great deal of what has somehow become a rarity over the last while. It contained a healthy dose of common sense. The Mentors have been studying history for quite some time now, and so the following has been well understood for decades.  From what we’ve been able to uncover Sweden’s been a low keyed place where common sense prevails. This holds true even under warring conditions. As mentioned in the video and is coming from someone who’s lived in Sweden their whole life except for just two years. There seems to be a trust between the Government and the people. If she’s correct that’s music to my ears!

The few times when Governments do treat their citizens as adults the nation takes on a harmony which can lead in several positive directions. From the economic side it encourages confidence in almost every aspect. People are employed, they’re spending money and they’re purchasing because they have confidence in the nation and they have confidence it it’s elected. In your wildest dreams can any of you living in the west even remember what that was like? I’ll tell you anyone much younger than fifty wouldn’t be able to. It began slowly changing about then it began being eliminated one step at a time.

Along with several others the West is purposely being torn apart. Seems the people in each of these countries couldn’t be further divided. Flipping to the opposite side of the coin it’s been the same in pretty much all the countries that didn’t force lockdown. If you want to open, it’s your choice. You want to stay home or even if you prefer to go to work. You’re free to do so. Common sense seems to be the normal way and so it’s automatic that the citizenry is operating at higher frequencies than others that have forced lockdowns.

Higher frequencies mean greater freedoms! Yelling your free from your home or while being blocked by a line of heavily armed police is no definition of freedom. It’s a statement of how low the frequencies have become within that nations own citizenry. From sitting out here in the countryside and how it’s been so far, I’d say Sweden’s got it right. Until next time, Barry in DR.

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