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Before and After Facts About Vaccines

Currently I’m halfway through reading an exceptional new release originating from Dr. Judy Mikovits. The three hundred fifty plus page book titled Plague of Corruption deals primarily with the corruption in the vaccine industry. Dr. Mikovits being the right hand assistant to Anthony Fauci way back in the days of the HIV virus so it’s as boots on the ground as it gets. Honestly I found it deplorable reading about how more than 1.3 Million had perished over in Africa while people like Fauci were holding back releasing the HIV vaccine on account of disagreements over patent rights.

Even when their new found concoction was finally released it caused nothing shy of a pandemonium and not only to those who blindly took the vaccine but to the entire blood supply held in most of the blood banks around the world. They later discovered that many of their supplies were tainted with the HIV! The numbers of the effected were staggering. They ran into the multi-millions!

Dr. Judy Mikovits paid the price for being honest and going against Big Pharma. By exposing what their research clearly revealed proving how harmful these toxic cocktails were and because she could not be bought Dr. Mikovits had her life and career destroyed. She was even locked in prison for five days with no formal charges being filed against her.

I hope her new Best-Seller helps to put many of those things in the past and begin taking full advantage of the path that lies ahead of her. By actually being out of the system she can do much more exposing the corruption than when she was still in it.

With everything going on it’s easy for people to become distracted if nothing else please understand the following. There’s no incentive by Big Pharma to make anyone better. It goes against what these systems were designed to do. These systems were actually designed to maintain you at a certain level of wellness YET it still keeps you in the system. There is always some medications that need a refill or repeat checkups but somehow you never fully recover. Remember it’s a system and they practice medicine. Practice being the key word here.

If you’re old enough travel back five or so decades and it never was like that. Back in the 70’s vaccines were just in their beginning. This is the era when the concept of Regular Vaccine Programs began taking its place in most people’s lives. The facts line up near perfect why it wasn’t till a decade or so later that the percentages began showing what horrors they’ve committed. Relook at the graph attached to this video it should send chills up your spine.

Millions upon millions have ruined their lives or have had someone ruin it for them. Some did this due to ignorance and others due to greed but either way the end results are the same. To varying degrees they’ve all become victims who are now living a lower quality of life. By once believing what they were told to believe have a result become unhealthy people suffering from their own poor choices. Yet no one’s held accountable. We all know people who’ve been affected. Perhaps this message rings even closer like in your own family or worse your children or grandchildren.

Fast forward to today and regardless what happens to you from taking one of their vaccines you have no right to take action no recourse. As of recent Big Pharma is now literally above the law when it comes to Vaccines. If they’re so convinced their vaccines are so beneficial to humanity then why the need for such laws? If you take the time to read books like Dr. Mikovits’s latest release some of you will have a whole new concept put before your eyes. The corruption is utterly disgusting as are the participants. Until next time, Barry in Dr.

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