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Children’s Emergency Quarantine Centers

They’re coming for your Children

Have you ever had a pain that for whatever reason just doesn’t leave? It’s not excruciating, but it’s there. I’m implying about the kind of twitch that will consistently remind you it is still lingering around just in case you ever miss it for a few consecutive hours. I think to varying degrees we all can relate. As a youth who’s lived an action packed lifestyle I can relate.  I know as I’ve been living with it for decades.

I’m authoring this post in my sixties and have more twitches than I’d like to, but I wouldn’t have changed a thing! No one can take away the dance that was already danced. I often joke about if I knew I was going to live this long I would have taken better care of myself. It is an inside joke only my wife knows the origination of.

This pain I’m referring to also retains the ability of taking on several modes.  It possesses many styles of attacking its victims. Sometimes the pain is in the body other times not. Other times this pain imbeds itself within and attacks us emotionally. It can hurt one’s heart or shape one’s mind, but all of these are its various modes of infiltration. The one key factor they all share in common is they hurt and they inflict pain. Whether it arrives in the form of physical or emotional both forms cut like a knife.

We Mentors understand almost everything in the universe has some degree of paradoxes associated with it. They contrast and contradict one side is good and the other not so. Pain works the same way. Both physical and emotional pain would have no real meaning without its opposites. Pleasure could never be appreciated if not for the understanding of what agony is. Good would have no worth if not for bad. The universe works in this manner and at times is very confusing to us all.

So often being the outsiders looking in the Mentors understand by trial and error that separation creates clarity. For example people are constantly reminding us how hard it is for them to bring up sensitive topics to the ones they love and care for. My response to all of these inquiries remains steadfast. It’s a two part response. By separating yourself you automatically gain the clarity of understanding just how uninformed most people are. Generally for this first part I just wait for their response back to me which is usually in the form of them shaking their head acknowledging they understand.

Secondly I remind them that if they think it’s rough now try doing this back in the late eighties. Remember when a single income would often be adequate to pay a mortgage, own your own transportation, put two kids through college and perhaps take a nice family holiday together. If you could imagen it would also yield enough to put away savings for future use. You want to talk about tough? Late 80’s is when the numbers shifted and began not to make sense and so is when our Plan B began forming.

Yes the numbers began to take on a non-sustainable formula, back in the late 80’s! I’ve mentioned several times that these things are similar in their progression as a how tidal wave works. For the longest time it goes unnoticed. You just don’t want to be near the shoreline when it arrives. The following works much the same way.

We were first talking about FEMA camps well over a decade prior. We’ve provided videos of the fresh laid railroad tracks going to seemingly abandoned structures only to be reposting a few years later when these abandoned structures were completely refitted. We’ve even provided boots on the ground videos of massive amounts of plastic caskets being stored alongside of these newly refitted structures, but why? Lastly we’ve even provided videos of the different colored green, yellow, red reception lines directing traffic to different holding areas.

What more would you think would be required for a person to want to at least look into this a bit deeper for themselves? For over a decade we mentors received nothing but responses that range from rudeness to outright vulgarity. Not since this lockdown came into effect. NOW I’M HEARING from people I haven’t heard from in years, many of them praising what was ridiculed at just a few months prior. So Often we mentors hear BUT HOW DID YOU KNOW? Our answer is time is a commodity. We invest it while others spend it. Everyone could do this by changing their ways of thinking.

Over a decade prior we began taking on the topics that were hard to accept. We mentioned that these FEMA camps were there for something called retraining. They’ll have complete control on what you eat and drink. They will control your daily schedule and where you’re allowed to go on the compound. You’ve become a lab rat at that point. Oh how I remember the comments especially from the affluent and the religious.

Now except for their egos many of the affluent are much less affluent. With the religious folks, well it seems they believe in their fear more than their god or savior. Just because some elected goon instructed an illegal act of lockdown the religious instantly gave in and turned their beliefs from a selected avatar to where they always were. They returned to their original true underlying of fear. So they continue their believing and put up with locked churches, temples and mosques. Evidently when it comes time to display this 100% belief in their god, most turtle and cave in to their fears. Believers believe that’s all they know how to do. Surety and belief are two separate entities. If they had surety in their savior or god they’d be the ones opening their doors in a time of need not locking them the tightest. Facts don’t lie!

Because of the understanding that knowledge not shared is wasted the Mentors took on the unwanted obligation of bringing forth the truth of what’s going on behind the curtain. Fast forward a few weeks and we started receiving the nastiest emails from people flying off the handle to the degree you’d think we kidnapped their golden child. It continued for a long time so please we Mentors know what internal nagging relentless irritating pain is. We’ve experienced it for a long while now. For more than a dozen years. We do what we do out of obligation not love, fear or any other motive. What humanity will do with this information is directly related to its current frequency. I don’t hold much will come of it, as humanity is currently oscillating at extremely low fluctuation. It’s similar to a heart that’s barely beating.

Now several ominous situations are taking place consecutively. If the aggressors get their way they’re possibly coming for your children. If this bill H.R. 6666 is enforced they’ll be able to do just that. If anyone reading this is wondering who in their right mind would want this or what kind of person would support this draconian type action. Haven’t we been saying for a while now? Be careful of the one’s still wearing the masks. It’s the weak uninformed sheepish mindset that some call the majority that’s who will allow this to happen unchallenged. Will you defend or like many of the religious will you stand by praising some avatar while watching it happen.  We can’t just believe it away! News flash it doesn’t work that way. Returning to any sense of normality is going to take action! Until next time, Barry in DR.


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