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A Day Trip to Las Galeras Turns into 2 days Now Heading to Playa Rincon

While I’ve always said nothing’s for everybody the following video cuts were all done within 5 hours of leaving home. Slow pace relaxing simple drive down the road kind of thing and the videos although good, can’t do it justice. There’s nothing like being there!

Keeping that in mind I asked Cole if he’d be OK if we make this an overnight trip. Since he had no prior plan’s that’s what we did. On all of our trips and excursions whether it’s with clients or friends there’s one rule I always live by. That rule is flexibility.

The plan has to be able to change on the fly and not lose momentum. So it’s off towards Playa Ricon. There’s an off-road rather narrow way that will eventually leave you out near El Valle. According to available information the town of El Valle doesn’t appear to offer much but since I’ve never been there the only way to find out is by going. I hope it’s still passable. It’s been four years since I last seen it. Until next time, Barry in DR.


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