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What Will You Say

What will you say. What do you say now? Do you say anything or do you pretend just not to notice?

What will you say. What do you say now? Do you say anything or do you pretend just not to notice?

Assuming you’re still alive what would you say to them?  What would you say to the remaining population after senseless obliteration destroyed a large part of the planet?  What are you going to tell them when the truth finally reveals. IT WAS ALL AVOIDABLE! In the future when you’re asked what did you do to help prevent this from happening? What will you say?

In the forthcoming it won’t matter if the finger points toward a predetermined false flag that initiated a nuclear confrontation or something that sounds a bit tamer but equally devastating a grid failure. When billions have already perished the damage is done it won’t matter from which direction the devastation came from. Corpses don’t care but the next generation (if any) and the few surviving do.

Honestly it's way past the time of contemplation. Stop thinking about it and start spreading the word about it. Time is not on our side!

Honestly it’s way past the time of contemplation. Stop thinking about it and start spreading the word about it. Time is not on our side!

It’s at that point in the future when all the facts become public knowledge; it’s at that moment the above question will arrive. So what did you do to help prevent this from occurring? Everyone is going to want to know what you did. How much of your comfort zone were you willing to let go of? Remember your family will be also asking and odds are they’ve already paid an abysmal price for being so naïve.

Only after billions have perished will the remaining understand that the “war on terror” was nothing more than an ostentatious jobs program. Every conflict orchestrated with only one entity in mind, to prolong the conflict as long as possible. After billions are gone perhaps then we’ll begin to realize that it’s us that has fallen victim to our own gluttony and senselessness.

Quite often I’ve mentioned to others by the time you see the tree breaking the surface you can be sure its roots are well set in place. An alternative thought might be by the time most recognize what’s happening it’s already too late. I say this because should a major war break out most of us won’t know till it’s already underway. What’s likely to follow?

For the majority it will be the time they begin recognizing there’s going to be some serious difficulties on the horizon. Promptly they’ll start cursing themselves for not listening to what now seems to make 100% total sense. Soon after that memory kicks in, remembering what you had said several times prior. They remember you saying; ask yourself these two simple questions. The first is ask what harm could it do if I’m wrong and secondly ask what harm can it do if I’m right?

At such a late stage in the events, if the majorities are just now managing to see what lies ahead, can you even begin to imagine the catastrophic chaos this will bring on? When chaos of that magnitude breaks out, will it matter what set it in motion? For example use either the war on terror or a severe grid breakdown that causes massive casualties. Will it matter? Take on the possibility of a nuclear confrontation and ask again would it matter, certainly not if you’re already a corpse. All these possible scenarios needs to be fixed in advance.

Chaos is simply chaos. It doesn’t care what sets it off any more than a raging fire cares about which twig ignited first. I urge you to look at chaos as an equal opportunity self-inflicted series of negative events. I assure you it won’t make much of a difference what caused it to initiate and all of our petty little differences will vanish into thin air, perhaps literally. However the end result will definitely remain intact.

It’s way past the time to start acknowledging truth. We’re heading on a short path to destruction. If we don’t figure out a way of altering paths, humanity is on a direct course towards self-annihilation. Even at this late date the so called informed are still hesitant of getting out of their comfort zones. To avoid confrontation most of the so called informed refrain from getting in front of other folks informing them of where we currently stand and where we seem to be heading.

Or perhaps a large part of the timidity stems from fear of rejection? I don’t know but here’s what I do know. Either one makes for much of an excuse for not doing it. Think about what’s potentially on the line. Regrettably most of the informed spend their entire time attempting to wake up one or two mildly interested individuals who halfway listen to what’s being said. But do they ever do anything further? For the vast majority the answer is no. That same amount of time could have been better spent raising the awareness of thousands who actually want to gain a better understanding of what “closer than during the cold war” means.

For years alternative media’s have been attempting to get the message out. Equally said for dark journalists and various truth seekers, still even at this late stage it’s not being heard, at least nowhere near the levels that it needs to be. In a recent article published by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts titled post Armageddon, Roberts mentions “Americans need to wake up to the dangerous situation that Washington has created, but I doubt they will. Most wars happen without the public’s knowledge until they happen. I and a few others try to alert people to the real threats that they face, but our voices are not loud enough. Not even Vladimir Putin’s voice is loud enough. It looks like the West won’t hear until “there remains nothing at all of the German and NATO troops,” and of Poland and Romania and the rest of us.”

For me one of the most freighting thoughts is the fact that so many won’t even know about the atrocities. Before jumping the gun and yelling impossible, never going to happen, stop and re-think this for a moment. You’ll soon come to realize that it’s already happening. Think Libya, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and recently Crimea. What about the recently scribed line in the sand over in Syria? Are you that lame that you cannot see that we’re already at war with Russia?


So if you think the illusion is not already happening go and ask the average person what’s transpired in any of those countries? Wait for their response. It’s only after most have finished answering that I can then rest my case. Catastrophic human carnage what amounts to millions of casualties still most remain clueless. For most folks if it’s out of sight it’s out of mind.

Now go back to the beginning and picture yourself sometime in the future, a future void of familiarity. It’s at that time when the few surviving will understand what’s meant by Mark Passio’s phrase “you don’t have the right to be ignorant”. “No one has the right to be ignorant when it affects other people’s freedom” and I humbly add to that or wellbeing. It’s up to us and no one else.

So assuming there you are in the future. Your surrounded by either your grandchildren the younger generation or a variety of others just too young to know any better about what is privacy, what is freedom and what the hell caused this. While their first question might be what caused it to occur, I’ll guarantee you what the second one will be. So what did you do to help prevent it from happening? What will you say to them? After all the facts are exposed that it all could have been avoided. If people had only paid attention and took on some responsibly in sharing it with others it didn’t have to end up this way. What will you be able to say? Until next time this is Barry in DR.

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