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We The People Perhaps The Most Misunderstood Words in History

An accurate portrait of how we appear to the ruling classes. For so many truth is hard to accept. However truth is truth nothing more nothing less it's simply the truth.

An accurate portrait of how we appear to the ruling classes. For so many truth is hard to accept. However truth is truth nothing more nothing less it’s simply the truth.

With the election right around the corner I wanted to examine a few areas of interest and perhaps shift them into a perspective that is more genuine. This post is not going to favor one politician over another. At this late stage of the game if you still believe that Government is going to do anything to protect your best interests I can’t help you. That ship has long left its birth.

What I can do is provide some direction towards truth. For the most part truth is actually easy to understand, it’s accepting it that’s difficult. When confronted with compelling evidence exposing some of our closest and longtime held beliefs may not be anywhere close to what we understood them to be, for many can be a difficult thing to accept. Fact is for most, truth is one of the hardest things to accept.

Ah! The sweet smell of revolution is once again spewing. Nothing ever changes but the technology. When will we ever learn to take control. Control OF OURSELVES!

Ah! The sweet smell of revolution is once again spewing. Nothing ever changes but the technology. When will we ever learn to take control. Control OF OURSELVES!

Another fact you should consider is at times the truth can be so difficult to accept, when confronted by it, immediately we shift directions and rapidly start applying terms such as normalcy bias or cognitive dissonance in attempts of stereotyping it into a symptom. But it’s not, it’s only the truth. Currently the vast majority of Americans are living in a fictional environment. But as I mentioned the truth is hard to accept. At the present time it’s still easier to argue and so we all sink a little further into the abyss.

Trust me when I say from the outside looking in, the balance of the world shares a completely different perspective. A perspective far closer to actual truth than what most of the western nations have taken as their gospel. This opposing world view of truth I’m afraid is unsustainable and that my friends is not good news.

I briefly want to mention a little bit about the upcoming election. I do mean briefly though as it’s been nothing more than a discredit to any reasonably intelligent thinking human being. This entire election has become one huge disgrace not only for a nation but for every open minded thinking citizen of that nation. Honestly I’ve never witnessed a poorer showing in all my life. There was absolutely no substance throughout the entire campaign emanating from EITHER SIDE!

Sadly the vast majority still choose to remain clueless supporting opinions based on zero research. Unjustly the clueless seem immunized while that small percentage of people still capable of understanding reality from fantasy suffers most. The truth makes few friends but the few it makes are real friends. Excluding pre-World War 2 I’ve never witnessed a more divided nation then the US currently finds itself.

There’s not much more one needs to say about this dog and pony show, so politics aside let’s move on to what at the very least should be taken as areas of interest. Areas for you to research, gather facts and then come up to your own conclusions. For most what follows might seem hard to believe but do your research and soon enough you’ll begin to understand the difference between belief and surety. Belief means doubt in fact it means (un) surety. Always strive for surety let the weak minded settle for belief.

While it’s true that the corruption stems back way before America was formed, actually before it was even a colony, but for the purpose of keeping this post to a manageable length, I’ll commence with what perhaps is one of the biggest hoodwinks in US history. It’s located right within the term We the People.

The first three words in the constitution reads We the People. It’s a sad fact that so many still believe when the constitution mentions We the People it actually includes them. It Doesn’t. As the old saying goes you’ll find us located on the other side of the tracks. We’re located later on under the sections pertaining to the people who will be paying these taxes to the king of England. The words We the People pertain only to the actual 39 delegates whose names appear on the actual document.

Are you aware that before being known as the Constitution the exact same document was presented only it was known as something else? It was even signed by Ben Franklin. It was actually called the We the People document. It was the official document, a Corporate Bankruptcy Charter to pay back the king of England for the damages caused during the previous revolt against him. Our future labor to generate taxes was used as collateral for the King of England and that’s the area of the document that pertains to us. Our ancestors were the innocent suckers that gave away our freedoms so long ago. Makes me chuckle when I hear folks describing “the club” as if it’s something new. It’s been around long before there were even thirteen simple colonies.

Spend some time and start learning what a strawman is and what it is all about. Get off the Government sites and search Social Security but on alternative sites. If you do, you’ll be absorbing some difficult truths of what social security really is and what it’s all about. Perhaps then you’ll grasp why it too is totally unsustainable. Have a closer look at what your birth certificate actually is. Learn why your name is in all capital letters and the entire document is on legal corporate stock. All this information is available for the taking but be forewarned. The truth is going to be hard to swallow, especially for those in the US.

Did you know that there are two laws that govern the land? The fist is known as “common law of the land” and second is “admiralty Law” often called maritime law? If you didn’t, then how can you possibly know the differences between them? The differences are huge when it comes to your freedoms.

While doing some research I came across a short YouTube that touches on several of the areas mentioned in this release. I suggest that you first watch it and from there use it as a stepping stone towards achieving more in-depth results. We’ve already arrived at a major turning point. Technology is changing everything. Currently it’s very possible that the ignorance of a misinformed nation may well lead us into a nuclear confrontation. Only if you spend some time to actually uncover these truths, will you be able to fully understand why arguing over which team wins the upcoming election is futile.


The results are already in. They have been for centuries. Your vote doesn’t count for anything other than satisfying your craving for recognizing that a change is indeed needed. So far it seems to have satiated the citizen’s cravings for a four year term, but as they say the times are changing. The winds of revolution are approaching the coast line and fast!

If you still require further proof simply take a look at what transpired last Thursday November 3rd. The British parliament recently decided that the peoples vote to exit the EU doesn’t count. According to them it seems the citizens are not clever enough to know what’s best and so single handedly the British parliament over ruled and nullified the Brexit vote to separate. Their sole reasoning given to the public was parliament’s vote should be the determining factor.

You tell me if that falls under what a democracy is all about. Ah the sweet stench of revolution is definitely in the air. Expect something similar coming to a voting booth near you. November’s election is not over after the votes have been tallied. In fact it’s just begun. Until next time this is Barry in DR.


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