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Is There a More Important Vote Taking Place In December

Pretty much describes the current level of grasping what is actually taking place.

Pretty much describes the current level of grasping what is actually taking place.

While most westerners find themselves focusing on what can best be described as the greatest real time dog and pony show in history, a second perhaps even more serious event goes unnoticed. Although the uniformed masses seem content in segregating a large portion of their limited intellect, to the importance of which misfit might be elected to further divide a once esteemed nation, this ethereal threat remains buried beneath the public’s view and for all practical purposes goes unnoticed.

When you're viewing something from the wrong angle or when the information is distorted the end  perception will always be what you want it to be. That in itself doesn't make it correct.

When you’re viewing something from the wrong angle or when the information is distorted the end perception will always be what you want it to be. That in itself doesn’t make it correct.

The remnants of the world’s nations remain quite focused on the potential life changing effects of this future occurrence, however in the western nations priorities are different. What continues to grab western attention appears to be the importance of electing who is less despised and then make that person their next President. Amazing how things can change in just a few decades. A nation that once raged war on poverty transformed into a nation that bombs poor people.

It saddens me when I consider all the potential world changing events currently surrounding us. Any one of which can easily be triggered by a single black swan swimming in the wrong pond, still the western masses for the most part choose to remain clueless and would rather argue over which misfit to elect. You know the lesser of two evils. Still a more significant vote seems to go almost unnoticed.

What am I referring to? What vote you may be asking? I’ll give you a clue but I’m already well aware it won’t help. Excluding westerners, mention this clue to anyone residing in another nation and they’ll come up with the answer instantly. Here’s you clue. This vote happens on December 4th 2016? So once again what am I referring to?

On December 4th a second referendum will be held. Italy will be voting whether or not to stay in the EU. Just a few months prior, Britain voted to leave and has since begun making preparations for exit. If this vote supports Italy’s departure, it’s my understanding the effects will be felt much greater than when Britain voted to leave.  In fact many times greater and should the Italians vote to leave, the result insures a rapid breakup of the entire EU experiment. So why aren’t the western media’s covering this?

If you were to dig a bit deeper and have a look over seas, you’ll find news about the upcoming vote smeared all over the tabloids. Recently cover articles began appearing on many of the most respected news sources in Europe, Asia and Russia, so why not in western Medias? Even the Financial Times reported “This event will probably lead to the most violent economic shock in history”

My take on it is this.  There’s a mutual mindset out there that several high ranking economists predict if Italy “go votes” it will set off a chain reaction, pin balling its way across all 28 countries. They continue to emphasize this is contagious and will spread to all other nations! I hate to admit it but this time they’re spot on.

For me the upcoming vote on December 4th merely determines the sooner or later aspects of a much more complex equation. Since the conception of the EU, my opinion held steady that it’s always been just a matter of time before the EU would splinter and eventually break apart. From the get go when I first began taking an interest in learning more about the EU, I started studying its history. Early on I discovered what I thought were potential serious flaws to long term success. For the purpose of keeping this post to a reasonable length I’ll briefly discuss one, one of several I had discovered.

It’s understandable that most westerners won’t be able to relate to the following. There’s a huge difference between two people from a different state as compared with two people from a different country. Think about that for a moment. When you’re from a different state you still share several important aspects. You’re sharing important traits like history, language, currency, economy and culture.

Now repeat what I just wrote in bold only change state to country and everything changes instantaneously. Now add 28 countries to the mix and what have you now blended? You guessed it one hell of a cluster f@ck. People that come from Austria share nothing in common with people from Malta.

Let’s take this a bit further and use any combination of the 28 countries within the EU. Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden.

None of these countries share ANYTHING. Their history’s, languages, currencies, economies and cultures EVERYTHING is different and that my friend creates a problem. In fact one of the only things they share together is the fact that they share nothing together. Think about that for a moment. Does that sound like a good recipe for success?  Oil and water won’t mix unless it’s whipped up into a frenzy. Welcome to the soon to be arriving frenzy.

I’ve mentioned several times in prior posts the fact that nothing’s ever black or white. Everything is varying shades of grey. Keeping that thought in mind I’d like to mention a few commonalities that actually were created by forming the EU. First was the creation of a currency that was doomed from the start. It’s called the Euro and you don’t want to be holding onto much of it.

Another creation worth mentioning is hate and anger. Forming the EU has created an enormous amount of resentment which eventually grew into what is currently being seen as hate and anger. You can’t expect stronger countries to support weaker countries. An economy will never withstand the test of time if weak economies drain stronger economies. What’s the point of studying if everyone gets a C plus on their report card? What incentives are there when you’re being penalized for good performance?

I want to bring up one more creation brought about by forming the EU. It’s called Slavery! Over the past forty five years the EU has created millions correct that BILLIONS of slaves. Forming the EU ensured that not only will the people be slaves, their individual countries would also be placed in shackles. First being held hostage to the terms of the EU and secondly as with everything else in Europe bowing to Brussels. I’ll keep this short as I could compose several long articles on that last example alone. Simply put when you add them all together it’s comparable to adding fuel to an already raging fire.

Following a fair amount of research compiled over a couple of years I began to form my own estimation. Over time naturally it’s needed to be tweaked once or twice but my current opinion is that the EU is nothing more than a trial, a test. Look at it as an experiment that’s evolved over forty five years… an experiment including twenty eight countries. Soon to be twenty seven and now deciding if it’s twenty six and so on. One huge experiment that’s about to blow the hell up and splat its debris all over the world!

So why does this vote matter? Well to start with it could actually change an entire continent. Over time this will affect almost everyone no matter where you reside. The numbers involved are just too big to grasp, we’re talking in the trillions!!! Since the EU was the biggest financial experiment in mankind’s history, if it should fail it stands to reason not only the investor sector but all sectors of world GDP will be affected. Just in case you’re wondering that includes the retirement sector as well. Some of you may be asking so what can I do about it?

That’s actually quite an interesting question. If you’re coming from the angle of “what can I do to prevent this” my answer would be nothing. You can’t stop what is inevitable but we all can learn how to use these circumstances to our advantage. Learn how to use this to your advantage! Your future survival may well depend on it.

Now if you’re coming from the angle of “what can I do to best be prepared” then actually there is a lot that can be done. For example why not at least consider parking on the sidelines for a while and see what unfolds. Lose yourself in a sparsely populated area. Choose an area where it’s easy to grow a few of your own things to eat. Spread your assets into different nations. Hold some cash. Inquire about obtaining a second passport. These are just off the top of my head ideas but the point is there is lots you can do so do something.

Put some time into doing a little research. You’ll soon find out several nations might weather the storm better than the one you’re currently residing in and if not, that’s useful new found information as well. Start getting get back to basics. In the long run you’ll probably be happier in doing so. We are.

The upcoming volatility is about to begin feeling like we’re all riding one giant roller coaster. At times shooting up and others bombing down and even the occasional 360 out of control head spin is going to take place. What’s currently deemed normal is going to be shifted, creating chaos in most folks lives. So you best be ready for it.

Roller coasters and volatility produce different types of wild rides. They both can be exciting but as with any wild ride, if you stay on too long you’re going to get sick to your stomach. Depending on which ride you’re on either know when to get off or know when to get out. I assure you if done correctly you be better off for doing so.

Until next time, Barry in DR

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