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What About my Kids and Grand Kids if I Relocate to a Foreign Country When I Retire?

In this episode of ask me anything, I attempt to expand the viewers accepted wisdom toward a popular question. Judging by its popularity, it’s a question I should have fielded long ago, but hey time waits for no one, right? For some already feeling the effects of “how can I leave them” this video may represent an extraordinary and perhaps different way of understanding exactly what it is that you’re experiencing. For obvious reasons, for some this video will be of no interest. Either way it’s not my intention to sway towards any particular direction. My intention is to broaden people’s understandings, while at the same time narrowing their misperceptions. Separation creates clarity! With that in mind let’s explore some options in answering that all too often believed problem of “how can I leave them”.  For those already inflicted post viewing I hope it brings you some relief and either way some closure. Barry in DR

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