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In Daryl’s 2nd Interview he shares why he chose Cabrera over other areas.

I first met Daryl sometime in mid-March of this year. We initially spent some time together previewing the area and after getting to know what his plan was, it seemed Cabrera could suite his needs rather well.  Even though Daryl is a frequent visitor and has covered the greater part of this country there seemed to be something found in the Cabrera region that just wasn’t found in the other places previously visited. I meet with so many people so I wasn’t surprised to see this kind of reaction. This certainly was not the first time we’ve all witnessed that kind of reaction to the region. Long story cut short Daryl found what he liked and together we took the steps for him to purchase it. As I often do I had asked Daryl if he’d shoot a quick video describing his experiences while touring together. He agreed to and for a while now it’s been up and running here on the Something Feels Wrong YouTube channel. Here’s where it all changes.

It wasn’t till after the property had closed that I found out Daryl was a bit nervous throughout the closing process. I thought to myself for a moment hum… OK there are several reasons that could cause some folks to be nervous. First of all it’s a new process and does use a different type of law system than is used in western culture. Second, there are a lot of dollars on the table, third it’s a foreign country with different laws I could go on but I’m confident you get the message. What’s so strange to me is I never picked up on Daryl being nervous and that’s not like me. Usually I can sense these things rather easily. Love to see this guy on a Lie detector test, it be interesting. He’s as laid back as an ironing board.

After finding this out is when Daryl asked me about how he’d like to do a second video together. Almost quoting “Now that the property’s closed and I’m not nervous about going through a new process let me know if you ever want to do a second video together” Since I really do like and respect this person I was prompt in replying LOVE TO! Still can’t fathom how all along I thought he was as comfortable as a breeze but after a smooth closing his true feeling came out. Enjoy Daryl as he describes his experiences.  Until next time, Barry in DR

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