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The History of Conspiracy Andy Thomas

A rather good definition of what a Conspiracy is. Wouldn’t you think?

Every so often you run into a video that just makes good sense. A video not offering fancy razzle dazzle or special effects to keep your interest going just offering good information… a common sense approach that should inspire the viewer explore deeper into certain aspects of its sayings. Andy Thomas delivers an hour and forty minute presentation on the history of conspiracy. He cognizes the correct meaning of the word conspiracy and explains how it’s been misused in the modern world.

Conspiracies begin the foundation of deceit by first creating the event then supplying the path to the solution. Similar to the Hegelian dialectic conspiracies have a predetermined outcome in advance. It’s the cornerstone of what the create solve control mindset is all about.

Andy focuses on one major pitfall, as human beings to one degree or another all fall prey to. We have to know the details. As a collective group we’ve been taught to focus on the details thus ignoring the big picture. Andy takes you back on brief journey of past conspiracies many which you’ve probably never heard of and eventually exits you in the present time. From that point it’s up to you to further pursue, to gain a greater aspect of truth and what’s really going on in our confused world. The world is suffering from several things one such thing is a total lack of truth. The history of conspiracy may be a few years old but none of its contents is dated. None of the subject matter is judgmental in any fashion. Its sole purpose is to inspire the viewer to delve in deeper. Uncover the truth. Pay close attention to the closing remarks. It mirrors my sentiments exactly.

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