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Laguna El Dudú

With eight exotic beaches to choose from, it’s easy to see why so many get hooked only to find themselves visiting their favorite on a regular basis, but what about the other side of the road.   The landward side, the side I like to call the alternate view. So many forget about the fresh water springs around the area of Cabrera and that’s a shame. So much natural beauty it’s almost hypnotizing. For a slight entrance charge that’s being used to keep the areas spotless you can spend what should be an unforgettable family day. Enjoy the zip line and from about 30 feet plunge into one of several fresh water springs. You won’t have to worry about hitting bottom as the depths are running around seventy feet and you can always see bottom. The visibility is just great. There’s an excellent illuminated cave system you’re free to explore. View centuries old stalactites. It’s a great photo shoot for anyone.

For the more adventuresome, arrangements can be made to actually scuba under the rock formations traveling under through a cave and exiting on another spring area. A safe single vein non-silting cave dive. Excellent food and beverages, clean restroom facilities and excellent views you won’t soon forget. Hope you enjoy a quick film shoot when I last visited Lagoon El Dudu. Several additional areas of interest can be found in the regions surrounding Cabrera. An outdoor enthusiasts playground. Until next time

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