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Escape From Bushwick

You will never get anybody to understand something when their paycheck is derived by not understanding. The order takers are the most dangerous group facing humanity. The “I’m just following orders” mentality is the most serious threat we all face.

I was recently forwarded a video by one of our subscribers. A short note was attached saying “I remember you mentioning one of the key questions we all need be asking ourselves is the following. If given orders to do so would the military fire on its own citizens? It’s almost word for word at the 52:24 mark and I hope you find this worthy of a link in a future post. Keep informing, signed W.B.”

The movie Escape from Bushwick commences when a leading character named Lucy steps off the subway. She unknowingly walks into an utter bloodbath on the streets of Brooklyn’s Bushwick neighborhood. Bushwick is a multicultural neighborhood and thus the reason for it being selected as a base of operations for what is the plot of the movie.

We The People first elect them. Then pay them huge salaries. Only to be kept underhand in a controlled plot pitting ourselves against each other. Such ignorance comes at a steep price. Will we ever learn or are we pre-wired to accept the same fate over and over.

Texas, Louisiana, Florida, North and South Carolina, West Virginia and Georgia are attempting to secede from the United States. Militia forces have descended upon New York City to claim it as an East Coast base of operations and negotiation tool. With nowhere else to go Lucy takes shelter in a basement where a burly war veteran comes to her aid. Reluctantly he agrees to help her traverse the treacherous five-block stretch to reach her destination.

“I’m just following orders sir” is why years ago I pointed out one of the most important questions that you as an individual needs to be asking is will the military fire on its own citizens? If your answer is no then by an overwhelming majority history proves you to be wrong.  History undoubtedly says YES!

Think it can’t happen? It already is. Think it can’t happen in America it already has. Why do you think it’s called North America and it’s going to happen again? Purposely the citizenry is being divided and pinned against each other. Police have taken on the appearance of military rather than public servants. The various religions are at war against each other and have been this way for several millennium. The colors sexual preferences political views have all been systematically divided like never before.

The MSM’s and to a large degree the alternative medias will post anything regardless of its truth, all in an effort to draw larger audiences. Truth has taken a back seat when compared to click bait. By this time if you can’t see the stage has been set you’re living in another world.

Notice how history keeps repeating itself all because of our differences in belief. We only come together as a last resort. Only when forced to reluctantly we’ll drop our petty differences and become as one. WHY is that?

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I have two closing questions after viewing the movie. My first question is why do we have to wait until that crisis point in order to come together? My second question is will they fire? If history is any indication you’d better have that Plan B well in place. Until next time.

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  • Jean Nov 16, 2017, 7:21 pm

    Great article Barry, I’m certain the military would fire on its own citizens. Leaving all personal views aside you’re correct in saying history proves that they will. It’s truly a shame so many are still a sleep and cannot see what’s happening in America. When you are truly awaken everything is so clear.

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