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Update! Escape from Bushwick 24 Hours Later

Edward Stanley with one of the yellow pieces of paper that residents of locked-down Harlem Park need to access their homes. (Fern Shen)

No sooner than releasing the escape from Bushwick post look what transpired 24 hours later. I’m not here to decide right from wrong I’m merely showing how easily things can change. It’s up to you the readers to decipher what it means. The only hint or clue I’ll provide is it’s always going to be subjective. Do not look for clear white/black hued answers. They’re always going to be various shades of grey. Linked article from the Zero Hedge HERE.

Entire Baltimore Neighborhood Under Lock down: “Police Declared Martial Law”


Each one of us has to determine our own answers. The underlying question is at what point does enough become too much? This too will be subjective. Only you can determine the correct answer, but only for yourself.

Some will always oppose weapon ownership other won’t. Some will believe chipping of humans will be a good thing while others firmly disagree. It’s a purposely confused world we all currently live in. Everything is subjective! The sooner we start relearning how to think for ourselves the better we will suffice. Politics, the sciences, organized religion, the medias are out of control.

It makes little difference which area if interest captured your attention. Choose one choose any combination of the offerings it matters little. All phases are eventually anchored by the same few sources. Your personal beliefs account for little. When it comes to any form of mass belief one thing rules, exposure! Clicks lead to subscriptions which leads to followers which leads to MONEY! so in essence click bait rules!

Over time one key challenge they needed to work out was how to spread this virus called modern journalism. That’s about the time they added this short addendum to their first rule. Click bait rules the ignorant.  From what I’m witnessing I’d say they’ve aced it. Until next time.



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