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With the 2017 year coming to a close I wanted to take a few minutes in efforts to keep our subscribers up to date. Amid the many happenings around the town, Cabrera is facing a modest but sustainable growth. With the Discovery Corporation buying out the entire Playa Grande project, a lot of media coverage has been appearing on the Web. This of course is being backed up on many TV stations and virtually all of the International invest and destination magazines. The same can be said with Ani Villas opening their 5th resort. Both ultra-exclusive projects are well out of my price range, but that hasn’t deterred their bookings. Both projects are faring well. I guess former President Fernandez might have been correct when he said our region will develop into “the future Monte Carlo of the Caribbean.”

The construction in Cabrera is brisk and several of our DR Escapes folks have begun construction and with several more already planning and working with builders.  I feel 2018 is going to be a banner year. Both sales and tour bookings continue to be very steady. When combining the repeat visits along with the new, it’s going to be a busy winter for all of us on the DR Escapes team. We’re finally going to be releasing Youtubes in Spanish for our large Latin base subscribers and I apologize for it taking this long. It’s been on our to do list for quite some time now, asegúrate de mirarlo.

I do expect 2018 to be a volatile one, both on the foreign and domestic sides. I’ve been stating this for well over four years that false markets and fake enemies can only prolong a mirage for so long. Over time the markets always rule. It’s kind of humbling how several of the most respected commentators are sending similar messages. Martin Armstrong, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Michael Krieger just to name a few. Anyway it is what it is and those who’ve taken precautions will favor well. I’ll do my best to get one or two more videos out before the holidays commence. Ours have started already with several gatherings out in the country. Until next time.

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