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Revisiting The Field of Biotechnology

Unchallenged this is what your entire existence will based upon. Are you comfortable in knowing this. That is what we all need to decide. Make no mistake this is a major decision.

With the recent events over in the Maldives I thought it might be an appropriate time to revisit a controversial theme covered in numerous prior posts. I want to revisit, to bring you up to date on the ongoing advancements in the field of biotechnology. Biotechnology is a broad field but for the purposes of this post I’ll be narrowing it down to one or two aspects. The first deals with personal biometric identification (BID) cards, what will eventually lead into mandatory micro-chipping of humans. The second aspect touches on the pros and cons along with some important questions you should be asking.

Technology is merely a tool. Take a moment, step back and inquire exactly who it is that’s promoting this type of technology. Are these the kinds of people that have ever had the public’s best interest in mind? It’s use will be determined by it’s wielder. Are you comfortable in knowing this. Once done you’ll be able to make an informed decision. CHOOSE WISELY!!!

Both Bio Identification Cards and micro-chipping are already in use so this is not some sort of Orwellian dark future likelihood. Perhaps even more troubling is how fast the innocent are lining up to receive these questionable technologies. Acceptance without research I had mentioned this would be the case. The ignorant will be lining up accepting something that they have no idea about its future implications. With more and more nations embracing these technologies I thought it a suitable topic to raise ones awareness and ultimately decide for themselves will this technology be implemented for the moral or the malicious?

First watch how the media spoon feeds the story. Swaying the ignorant masses.


I realize the above is a subjective question. There are no right or wrong responses it’s an individual’s choice but before jumping to any conclusions you should be asking several questions. Important questions the WHY questions because if you’re in error you may have just sold your progenies futures down the drain. If you’re incorrect in your decision future generations will not understand the rights of personal privacy, they will be born into not knowing. Serious thought I understand however truth is not subject to mass belief. Quoting Neil de Grasse Tyson “the universe is under no obligation to make sense to you” and I concur.

Second: They will market this in the same fashion they do everything else. Fooling the public with the same it’s safe, it’s secure it’s convenient method. The cost is always the same. A loss of personal freedoms and diminishing privacy.   

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The technology I’m referring to is well past its preliminary stages and has already taken on the distribution phase. Currently as I compose this post its circulation is spreading throughout India the Maldives Nigeria and Israel. Several other countries and nations are fast jumping on board to join. I repeat still what frightens me the most is how fast the uninformed is willing to accept it before asking questions. The willingness to accept or reject any thought idea or plan without ascertaining accurate information is a prime definition of the word ignorance. Yet that’s exactly what the vast majorities do.

This technology will soon be mandatory in Israel. It’s all about the wielder not the technology. I feel safer already!


Technology is never good or bad. Technology is only a tool and with any tool its use is determined by the wielder. First look at who’s holding the tool then gaze at who’s demanding its acceptance on the citizenry. One question you should be asking is are these the kinds of people who have ever had the citizenry’s best interest in mind? Have they ever in the past? What about now and about the future? Why all of a sudden is it becoming mandatory? Weigh the benefits verses the potential costs. Ask some somber questions before deciding anything. We all have a lot on the line here particularly those with children and grandchildren.

This is the lighter side and I agree it does look good. My question is what about the dark side? Everything is a duality and is composed of both light and dark. It’s all varying shades of grey. Who will intimately control this technology? Future generations depend on your decision. 


Prior to what seems to be a popular acceptance by the uninformed I doubt any investigation as to WHY is this being forced on the citizenry was ever performed. Forced is the correct term as the above countries and nations already are or will be making it mandatory to have. Those not willing to comply basically will not exist. Without this micro-chipped card there will be no bank account, no driver’s license, no health care, no credit cards or passport available. You read it correctly for all intensive purposes these people will not exist!

Of course this technology will be sold under the pretense of security and ease. I’m confident the controllers will brand it as the latest weapon in waging war against terrorists and money laundering. They’ll market this questionable technology in similar fashion to how they’ve hoodwinked the ignorant into believing the same thing about paper currencies. The controlling forces will continue using the same format of first dividing then conquering. Why change what’s currently working to near perfection.

These forces will divide your children and use them against you. They’ll continue to keep you oblivious while unwrapping Snickers bars and playing with I-Phones. Which is what they’ve uninterruptedly been doing for quite some time now. If this technology goes unchallenged what you think you’re leaving for your children’s and grandchildren’s futures can be wiped out and confiscated with just a couple of keystrokes. Control Alt Delete and their inheritance vaporizes, its gone and they’ll be rendered powerless to challenge it.

When trading wisdom for knowledge the end result is slavery. If any doubt still persists it just goes to prove how well it’s already working. Carl Sagan once said “It’s far better to embrace a hard truth than a reassuring fable”. Personally embracing truth was the most difficult path to walk but once making the decision to do so was also the most rewarding. It taught me truth is not determined by popularity in fact it’s quite the opposite.

What’s at stake here is the future of your children and grandchildren? If you’re not willing to get in front of people, if you can’t handle a bit of ridicule from the ignorant, if you can’t find the time to do a little research, if you need to be part of a group simply because its comforting then the following phrase I’ve coined perfectly describes what you’ve been reduced to. A zealot in any form is the end result of a successful transformation performed by the elite. That’s what you’ve become, a zealot.

In the end truth always reveals itself. What you resist persists. As parents, assuming you survive what lies ahead one day you’ll be faced with that earth shattering question and it will originate from your offspring. When the truth finally comes out when its finally revealed that all the suffering all the human and planetary carnage, the devastation never needed to occur if you were only willing to swallow you ego, do a bit of research and face a bit of ridicule from the ignorant. When your child or grandchild asks: How could you have allowed this happen? What will you say? I did it because I love you.

That tired overused excuse won’t cut it this time. In retrospect when the damage has already taken place that response will make about as much sense as fighting for peace does today which it doesn’t. When you win a war you still celebrate by mourning. Start asking the correct questions. Time is of the essence in so many ways. This post merely touches on a couple of them. Until next time.

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