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A Sincere Thanks to Paul & Elizabeth

The last couple of weeks have been harsh. The passing of a good friend is always a hard-hitting experience. All those who knew the recently deceased will miss him immensely. By living large, by living in the NOW he understood better than most that death is not the greatest loss in life, the greatest loss in life is what dies inside while still alive. He expressed his understanding by living each day to the fullest.

Once Hurricane Maria passed the area of Cabrera and the winds subsided our friend was picking fruits that weren’t damaged by the storm. That’s when the branch that was supporting him broke. He tumbled, hit the concrete and was rendered unconscious. Five days later he was pronounced dead. Many of our guests got to know this person through all the assistance he’s provided while visiting and touring with us. He’ll be missed by many.

I’ve composed this video primarily as a way of expressing our thanks to a great couple we’ve relocated to Cabrera a few years prior. Paul and Elizabeth altruistically spent countless hours by his side while simultaneously comforting his wife. She understandably was falling apart throughout the ordeal. During the entire outlandish nightmare, even though he was rendered unconscious Paul and Elizabeth unselfishly spend every day by his side. A simple act of kindness the very essence of what you’ve shown will last forever. Forever is not a long time it’s timeless and bliss is the energy that responds to stillness. That is what our mutual friend is now experiencing, Bliss. A sincere thanks goes out from all of us.

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