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Those Possessing The Wisdom

What separates wisdom from knowledge or intelligence is hands on experience. The only way to acquire wisdom is through hands on experience.

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been occupied with accumulating data. There are several reasons why I blog but one that ranks high on the list is being able to render accurate information. Blogging is an ongoing effort that consumes a considerable amount of time but yields it’s payback in good solid information, accurate information. It’s one of my top motives for continuing.

When pointing fingers at others remember there are always a few pointed back in your direction. Mistakes in your personal choices are always your fault. Period!

Receiving information derived from those possessing wisdom in the area of my curiosity is how I best protect my wife and myself. It saddens me knowing that several folks I meet presently are or soon will be suffering the anguish by not understanding the importance of being accurately informed. Most choose to be part of the collective ignorance. The saying that “there’s safety in numbers” is not entirely true but it does somehow provide a false sense of security. The key word being false.

Keeping the above in mind I am now convinced Vegas was another staged event. For me that dust has now settled but it wasn’t until after consulting with those possessing experience in the field of terrorist training that brought me to my conclusion. Since beginning the DR Escapes blog I’ve met and retained some prodigious subscribers. Open minded personalities who now understand “it’s better to face a harsh truth than live a reassuring lie.” In my mind these are the true hero’s of any nation.

Here’s a harsh truth to consider. Being honestly informed is a dying art that’s nearing extinction. Fake news along with the public’s own ignorance is leading the masses astray. Fake is the news of today. I’ve often mentioned that there’s nothing other than choice. We choose on how we invest our every-thing. Those married to the TV choose to do so. Those held in the velvet handcuffs of false beliefs choose this path by their own doing. There’s no outside force pressuring these decisions, its results are derived by your adoptions. It’s your choice whether to accept truth or reject it. Remember it’s always your choice and if choosing wrong it’s always your fault. Refrain from blaming others stop trying to convert truth into insult. That cop-out seems to be gathering popularity lately. Loose the victim mentality that’s what will assist in your personal growth as well as your spiritual growth. That’s your avenue to a higher plain.

With the endless encouragement provided by the MSM’s fake news has allowed our societies to master the art of finger pointing. Billions of fingers are aiming in every conceivable direction. The hands of the public have taken on this image mirroring a pistol. A semi automatic imaginary weapon rapidly firing off accusations in every direction except for their own. The root, the cause of our current situation lies in the fact that all these imaginary bullets resulted from personal choice. It’s you who’s been packing the powder.

The hate, mass confusion, violence, depression and fear the velocity of these tightly packed rounds have led to a world full of demoralized citizens. This is not something isolated to the Western Nation. The birth right mentality placed in the minds of the Western citizenry is the chief reason why they’re leading in the line of delusion, but their not alone. Their simply in the forefront, they’ve taken the pole position of what’s become a long race to the bottom. The only common factor shared in this sad truth is choices were based on bad information.

At this moment there isn’t enough time to further complicate what’s already been over complicated to begin with. Time waits for no one. The recent changed policies regarding Iran should indicate time is of the essence. Russia China now Iran what ever happened to Syria? Sabre rattling is a sure sign of a failing nation. So what’s the latest plan now America’s going to war with all of them? Really? It’s getting repetitious even nauseating. What we’re witnessing is the Western version of the rise and fall of Rome.

Take for example the recent finger pointing aimed towards CNN. Now I’m the last in line when it comes to anything of real truth deriving out of CNN but read on. You actually have people blaming CNN that there wasn’t a fifteen foot wall of water that engulfed the east coast of Florida during Hurricane Irma. People are angry for purchasing their get out of dodge flight tickets at inflated last minute prices. Instead of being grateful that it never transpired you have these deranged people annoyed that it didn’t occur. They somehow feel short changed by it not actually occurring. Honestly you just can’t make this stuff up!

A second example of finger pointing only one aimed more directly towards me would be the folks who are now upset about immigration laws changing in the DR. They’ve raised the bar on qualifications and several who would have qualified in the past now won’t. I’ve been mentioning this would be the case for almost three years now! Several are pointing their fingers weapons at me as if I personally changed the requirements. Let’s get something straight. I don’t owe you shit! It was you who chose not to heed the multiple warnings. Choices people it’s all about choices. Learn how to accept the responsibility for your own mistakes.

Those now affected were cautioned about this happening on several occasions in prior posts. Those who adhered benefited they’re now grandfathered in according to the old laws. Those who postponed their decision are not. I truly believe that the greatest percentage based their delay on believing in their fictional birth chip. As so often is the case they’ve based their decision on bad information. Keep in mind when forming your fictitious finger gun that three fingers are always pointing back in your direction. Accepting the cost of our bad decisions is the first step towards mending them.

Face reality regardless of how hard it may seem. Gather the courage to not only see yourself but your nation for what it truly is. Harvey Weinstein and America are twin sons of different mothers. Both are entitlement minded corrupt oppressors bloated with fear imposing their power on the weak and less fortunate. Wienstein did it with sex America does it with war.

The West is sliding down a slippery slope that’s rapidly taking on the shape of a black hole. We all know or at least should know nothing escapes a black hole, even light is rendered helpless. In efforts of promoting total clarity this also includes spiritual Light. Nothing escapes! Dr Neil de Grasse once said “The human perception system is right with all ways of getting it wrong” It’s to that, that I humbly say amen. Until next time.

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