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With Power Comes Responsibility

Silence does speak volumes. A little ridicule is a small price compared to what’s pending. Are you willing to pay the price. The debt brought on by your silence will be paid in lives not dollars.

Over the past couple of days two major undertakings occurred. First was the Catalan Referendum and second the mass shootings in Vegas. Sticking to my rule of always letting the dust settle before commenting this post will adhere. I won’t be making wild accusations only to have completely missed the mark a few days later.  It’s too early to know anything especially concerning what’s occurred over in Vegas.

In regards to the referendum I’ve covered that in several prior posts. Europe will eventually break apart period. In regards to the referendum what you’ve just witnessed is another finishing nail driven into a nearly completed coffin. Europe is nothing more than a draconian dictatorship whose days are numbered. What for some might be a bit harder to see is the same holds true for America however neither is the purpose why I’ve decided to compose this post. The main take away, the motive of authoring this post is responsibility. We all have a shared responsibility in what’s occurring. Let me explain.

You’ll never get anyone to understand anything when their paycheck derives by not understanding. WILL THEY TURN ON THEIR OWN CITIZENS! History undoubtedly says that they will!

For a high percentage America represents the most powerful nation on earth. While this is debatable perhaps even subjective never the less when asked who the most powerful nation is America still tops the list. It’s of no relevance whether I agree or not but what is indisputable is with power comes responsibility! Why is this most imperative point hardly if ever mentioned?

If you’re an American citizen that carries with it or at least it should additional accountability. Your nation affects the rest of humanity. Look at how you’ve lived up to this obligation. You haven’t! There’s a bit more involved here than simply parading around strutting your stuff screaming we’re number one!

You’re past few Presidents along with the bought and paid for pressitutes seemed to have warped your minds. They’ve all been nothing more than repulsive psychopaths and I’m including the most recently elected in the above statement. Voiding one’s responsibility comes at a price. That’s another mentioning that’s indisputable. Ultimately you’re going to be paying for this lack of responsibility and the price tag won’t be measured in dollars. It’s going to be measured in lives.

Let me ask you this simple question. Doesn’t the President of a large corporation have more responsibility than a salaried employee? Well similar to the aforementioned the citizens of the most powerful nation have more responsibility than those of a powerless country. Has the citizenry of America been living up to their responsibility? I think not.

It’s a fact that little of America’s pop culture actually originated in the nation of America. With that I’m including such long held traditions as hot dogs and apple pie. Apple pie originates from England and hot dogs hail from Germany, FRANKfurt Germany to be exact. All American’s can be credited with is adapting the name hot dog instead of frankfurter. So the next time someone mentions it’s as American as apple pie understand the person you’re listening to is clueless.

Responsibility is the reason I do what I do. It doesn’t make me many friends in fact I’ve lost several by promoting truth. It sure doesn’t pay well; I don’t charge anything for my time doing it. It has to do with responsibility! At times there is no neutral position. By not doing you are doing, you’re assisting our common enemy. If you’re not willing to first do your research then expel it to others, if you’re not saying what needs to be said, if you’re not prepared to pay such a small price then don’t bitch to loud when it’s yours that perish. The universe doesn’t respond to what you think… as long as others are organized funded and think differently the universe will tend to shift towards that direction.

The irresponsibility emanating from the citizens of this most powerful nation is what’s allowed terrorist groups like Isis and the Taliban to exist. Simply by doing nothing, by turning the other cheek the citizenry of America has allowed false flag apocalypses to develop costing millions of blameless lives in Syria, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran. They’ve self-created enemies the likes of Hussein Gaddafi and Assad.

Ask yourself what real threat could North Korea be to the so called most powerful nation in the world? Only a fool would believe what’s written in the MSM’s. When it comes to being a threat to the West much the same can be said for all of the others mentioned above. Clear any preconceived thoughts then ask what real threat could come from any of these minuscule marginally equipped countries located on the other side of the world. In fact it’s America that’s supplying these countries with their weaponry If carefully considered your answer should be slim to none and slim just walked out of the room. You’re being indoctrinated into a fear based mindset and from what appears apparently the plan is working rather well.

Now it’s Russians and the Chinese. There we have a completely different set of circumstances. You don’t push a bulldozer very far. You’re purposely being led into war yet the citizens of the Western nation still act the same. What’s it going to take for the West to realize this is fast approaching a cataclysm never before witnessed on the shorelines of the West?

By your own ignorance you’re being led straight into the infernos of hell. There’s a huge difference between ignorance and nescience. Nescience carries no blame on account of the information you’re seeking is not available. Ignorance carries blame the information is there but the seeker refuses to seek it. Ignorant is not an insulting term. It’s simply means the person chooses to ignore the available information already available. The vast majority of us are in fact ignorant. We choose to ignore.

Anytime there’s a loss of life it’s tragic. Anywhere this happens is equally tragic. America is not any different. What happened in Vegas is deplorable it’s unacceptable. Only the citizenry We The People will ultimately decide if it is or is not. You’d be well served by remembering that. In a week or two if the recent catastrophe is swept under the rug we as a collective group made that decision. The universe doesn’t care, it won’t respond. However as sad a tragedy as the happenings in Vegas are it pales in comparison to the millions of equally innocent victims in the Middle East.

If I were currently residing in the Western Nation I would seriously be contemplating two major concerns. The first is if instructed to will the US military turn on its own citizens? Remember these are volatile people conditioned to follow orders. High percentages are taking opiates. The nation sure turned their backs on them. Suicide now claims more casualties than any of the false wars the US is presently involved in. Currently there are over 25 suicides per day! Will they fire if instructed to? I’ve learned quite clearly that you never get somebody to understand when their paycheck is derived by not understanding. History documents they always will.

The second is a question is one that I proposed to Author and survivalist James Westley Rawles. A question that hit him so hard all he could answer was WOW!  The question is when the truth finally comes out what will you tell your children and grandchildren? When it’s uncovered that this whole thing was preventable when it becomes evident that the millions perhaps Billions of people didn’t have to perish what will you say to them? The question knocked him down for the count.

It’s time to learn how the universe really is. Even if that deflates our egos, wounds our pride, humbles our point of view and forces to admit that we were wrong. If you honestly value truth above all other things you will confront these fundamental issues. Carl Sagan once said “it is far better to embrace a hard truth then a reassuring fable” I’ll be posting this article on both sites. The lessons contained are vital for all to understand. Until next time.

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