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Take A Step Back

Take a step back, refocus. You’ll capture the grander picture if you do.
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Every so often you just have to take a step back to gain a better view. If you’re too close to something so often the view is blurred it’s unfocused. When things no longer make sense by taking a step back you’re allowing yourself to capture the whole picture. In today’s hazy world a lot of folks might benefit by following that example. Often I find separation is one of the best ways of promoting intelligibility. For me today was one of those days.

To the people who insist a picture can’t be worth a thousand words I have only one to add to the list CHECKMATE!

By separating from my usual surroundings the solitude, the time alone brought me to the following, here’s what I’ve discovered. Unless the ignorant citizens the West relies they’re being played as fools ultimately we’re going to war with China and Russia!  Iran and South Korea’s bogus threats are no more than a clever ploy being used by the Neocons in the West.  Anyone with half a mind knows either country posses a real threat. The Neocons ploy is enhancing what these psychopaths of the West really want. The installation of their weapons along the borders of China and Russia. Identity Politics is playing right into the hands of the military industrial complex. This is why I’ve repeatedly mentioned that a nations strongest weapon is an ignorant citizenry. The only point more more ignorant is believing these superpowers will stand idly and allow it to happen unchallenged.

Being a bit of a history enthusiast I’m recognizing the same trickery that’s ignited past Armageddon’s is similar to what’s being deployed throughout the entire world today. For millenniums what’s been disguised as patriotism is nothing more than a form of submission, a system of control. If by now the above is not already acknowledged let that serve as an example of how subtle it works. “I freed a thousand slaves. I could have freed a thousand more if they only knew they were slaves.”

The equivalent holds true regardless of whatever theme a person chooses. Actually the trickery performs better should they grow into developing a zealous attitude towards it. This way their belief is steadfast, it will bond them. When belief is held to such high degrees only a few will even recognize that they’re being manipulated. A person’s beliefs will determine what they make true.

A brave person is one who is capable of questioning everything.  If the new found discoveries prove what was previously believed is false it’s having the guts that it takes to change false long held beliefs. I know this from personal experience. A coward is one who still clings to them. I find a large percent blindly support these beliefs because of some levied fear factor attached to them. Take a step back and proceed with caution relating to any belief that discourages outside research. The same warning applies if the belief implicates fear of the unknown. These are two sure signs you’re being misled. Subsequently if the path leads back to the original belief at least you’ll have replaced your belief with surety. Either way in the end you come out the winner.

The kind of manipulation being applied carries entrenching qualities with it thus change in a person’s beliefs is at best difficult, for most it’s near impossible. The greater percent will remain dormant to what’s occurring. The controlling forces applying it know this. They set up several options to give you the illusion of free will. Your free will has been nullified into a few basic choices. Organized religion, politics, sports, entertainment, sexual preference even science are all provided to give the illusion of choice.

To satiate the appetite of your free will you’re coaxed into following as many of these paths as you choose. Just as long as its focus is in the opposite direction of truth, you’re good to go. Here’s a valid point for consideration. You have the free will to believe or not believe you’re being influenced by outside sources.

A recent case in point occurred within the NFL. Personally I’d find it humorous if it weren’t so dangerous. A key factor in the success of this type of mind swaying is the subject causing the discrepancy must be blown out of proportion. In this case it was standing for the nations colors. Seriously this is what the President of the United States has the time to Tweet about, this is front page journalism?

Listen to me here what I’m saying! The nation’s broke and is carrying with it a twenty plus Trillion dollar debt on its citizenry’s backs and the backs of their children. Even newborns are born into horrendous debt! But this NFL scandal is what’s grabbing the controlled headlines. You’re kidding me right?

Blindly the citizenry of the Western Nation continues to lead the world into what might be a NUCLEAR confrontation. By disguising control and submission only labeling it patriotism the ignorant masses of the Western Nation continue pushing us all down the path of war. Currently our fate rests in the hands of a citizenry that can’t even agree on the proper signage representing transgender bathrooms! I don’t need to remind you that this is not good.

If a person wasn’t already influenced by this trickery they’d recognize that standing for a nation’s anthem or a particular chard of colored cloth is not patriotism! It’s a form of submission its mind control. The two main documents that were designed to represent the nation of the United States are the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Currently they’re all but forgotten.

What’s being portrayed as patriotism is nothing more than a blind submission of control. I previously mentioned I’d find this humorous if it weren’t so dangerous. If the nation was firing on all its cylinders they would be conducting themselves in the opposite manner and the same holds true for Europe.

Europe’s become nothing more than the dumping grounds for the dislodged debris caused by America’s involvement in the Middle East. Today’s divided populace is not restricted to any one nation or single region. If any of this bothers you if it offends you, I say that’s GREAT! That’s the first step in the right direction. If you never experience something that offends you you’re not living in a free society. Quoting the late George Orwell “If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear”. A healthy society would tend to see things from that perspective. Truth is not relevant to your belief nor is it determined by popularity.

Left wing Neocons or right wing Snowflakes would benefit by understanding both wings are connected to your real nemesis. I’m not going to go much deeper into all the meaningless details. There are far too many already doing so each claiming to understand the entire facade. I make no such claim. By remaining open minded by taking a step back then focusing on the new assessment revealed have decided what is unsustainable won’t sustain. Simple! It’s how the universe functions.

I removed my pawn from that chessboard long ago. Let the masses continue their search for the diminishing amount of available squares. The moves that remain are now few! Options are vanishing and I’ve warned about this countless times over the past six years now. Those still suffering  from denial can be the most informed at the FEMA camp they’re relocated to. I have no desire being ridiculed by others saying: if you’re so smart what are you doing sleeping on the cot next to mine? We live in a world of action, you have to take action!

On the opposite side I’m pleased we’ve been able to assist numerous others in doing the same, in getting out of the game. By doing this I have lasting contentment. Something I’ve truly never been able to experience in my prior endeavors. By doing this small service the contentment lasts. Go and figure?

Don’t misinterpret what’s being implied. I’ve not given up and never will. It’s why I continue my efforts expelling truth. I’m only accepting what is. The level of understanding that’s currently held by the masses is not quite ready for prime time. I’m not implying it can’t elevate, I’ve certainly witnessed it can also travel lower. I’ve merely accepted it is what it is. I’ve accepted what is currently factual. Of course it will eventually change but none of us really knows in which direction. Until we come together as a people until we recognize who our mutual enemy is we’re not ready for change. So at least for now we’ll continue to digest whatever slop’s given to us.

Make no mistake in understanding. What we’re facing is a worldwide problem and if we maintain our present course I have no doubt as history is a good teacher once again our day of reckoning will come. I may have underestimated to what extent it presently is if I did that was not my intention that was my error. People really need to take that step back and begin to recognize who our common adversary actually is. This is rapidly becoming a dangerous situation. What’s currently misleading so many may be best described as hypnotism perhaps even mysticism but it is not patriotism! Until next time.

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