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The Picture Posted To The Left Best Discribes My Current Feelings

A fair rendering of how I felt after listening to Trump’s address.

I was looking over a few pieces pertaining to the recent Trump address at the UN. All I can say is the picture posted to the left best describes my current feelings about what was said. It’s truly a sad state of affairs to see how low the level of intelligence has sunk in the western nation. Those reading my posts for any length of time already know I steer clear of the MSM hype. Second I let the dust settle for a while. By keeping this order I tend to deliver what amounts to exceedingly accurate callings. While no one’s ever 100% spot on (me included) over the past six years have delivered several out on the limb forecasts that have held the test of time. The test of time is all that matters in these prophecies.

After consuming a fair amount of material regarding the most recent UN meeting my analyses is honestly I could easily puke from what’s been digested but before making any “sea pizzas” let me attempt to break this down in my usual way. Simple logical and hopefully accurate! Perhaps in doing so my stomach might settle enough to refrain from the urge. I sure hope so because what I’m unearthing is quite nauseating.

Honestly there’s no other way to describe it. The level of the public’s intelligence has sunk to a nauseating low level.

While Trump chest pounded what appears to be a warning in the following two quotes “It’s time for North Korea to realize that denuclearization is its only acceptable future.” The President continued should noncompliance become an issue “No choice but to destroy Rocket Man’s North Korea” Strong words coming from someone gelded and programmed.

Has our intelligence been lowered to the point that high ranking political officials have to use name calling while addressing the members of the United Nations? Seriously is this kind of behavior necessary when lecturing any nation’s perspective? At best this kind of mindset ranks at a Jr. High school level! This low level school yard mentality operates totally off emotion. Currently the western nation is totally driven by emotions, there’s no Captain steering at the helm.

Merely by dovetailing the subject a bit further you’ll discover this type of attitude stemming from both directions. The political and the citizenry… so I’m asking have our frequencies lowered to such a low resonance? Apparently so… Rocket Man… really I hope somewhere down the line Elton John files a litigation suit. This is what’s become of the Presidency of the United States… and people still want to know why the rest of the world thinks most Westerners are daffed.

Apparently somewhere down the post-election trail the tactic largely responsible for his victory vanished. The idea of bringing nations together harboring peaceful relations is all but extinct. I covered that subject in far greater depth in several prior posts. The western nation needs war to drive its economy it’s just that simple.

Dissecting this a bit further let’s see what’s unveiled. When the President of the United States addresses the UN counsel a speech containing the following verbiage “if the US must defend itself or its allies, followed by “we will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea” Question, if the US must defend itself from who North Korea? You’re joking right you can’t be serious?

Be Honest what real threat is North Korea to a superpower nation like America? If I’m in the wrong and it turns out they really do pose a threat to the shorelines of the western nation I’d have to say you all got screwed pretty bad when purchasing those multi-Billion Dollar defense systems, but look at it this way. If 18 box cutters can serve as the primary weaponry in taking down three of the most prominent structures in the heart of New York City who am I to know? The state of affairs encompassing our world currently finds itself that irrational!

A bit further into his address Trump references “defend its allies” Japan South Korea Guam? Perhaps the deep state ruled nation of Australia? If understood correctly the primary reason for these relationships in the first place is to supply additional breeding grounds to fund and operate the worlds largest jobs program The MIC. It’s a breeding ground for corruption. There’s just too much money involved here, more power and control is still up for grabs, but only if the pockets are deep enough.

The more troops deployed, the more equipment shipped overseas and then used the better it is for the western nations struggling economy. It raises the nation’s GDP. Leaving all personal cards back in the deck logically thinking how can this formula ever create peace? It can’t!

A person’s mindset will largely determine whether they accept or reject the above but either direction you settle what cannot be ignored is the fact these so called allies over time seem to be distancing themselves in similar fashion prior to the collapse of ancient Rome. Perhaps you could label the allies as being slightly long-sighted, but look at it from their side of the counter.

Over a considerable time span the allied nations of the west have witnessed what appears to be a never ending array of so called threats. This long-sighted view might leave several Western nation allies feeling a bit tense, uneasy. I’m confident several allies are questioning once their usefulness has expired conceivably it might be their heads next on the nation’s chopping block?

Judging by past performances and the dozens of broken promises can you really blame them? If the former elected Bush Jr. can refer to the constitution as “just a damn piece of paper” I wonder what loyalty, what value an allied agreement would carry with it. Looking at it from the other side of the counter I too would be nervous.

I don’t claim to hold all the answers at times I too can only speculate but whatever the reasons are they’re irrelevant. The fact remains western allies are distancing themselves! They say separation creates clarity. I suppose this holds true in several aspects politically economically in trade even in currency. Nations are seperating by many pathways. Deals that were supposed to be carried out in US Dollars have shifted into several other means of settlement.

Although not allies of the west a strong example might be had by taking a look at what Russia’s President Putin passed earlier on during the week. As of next year all of Russia’s sea ports will begin using the Ruble as their main currency. The Ruble will replace the Dollar as the main currency of exchange. I’m not calling Chicken Little here, at the current time there’s nothing capable of replacing the US Dollar… Nothing Yet! However along with China substantially pulling back on their US debt holdings  the Russian’s converting to Rubles in all sea ports does represent two significant illustrations of the trend going forward. I’d seriously consider using some of those dollars while their so overvalued. This cannot sustain forever!

Since the bulk of this post stems primarily from remarks made toward North Korea I thought it might be interesting to post a short list of US military involvement since the start of the Korean War back in 1950. Once underway that idea changed direction in a heartbeat the list is forever long! Those seeking a serious jolt of reality CLICK HERE then go ahead and ask yourself. How many missiles from any of these countries have ever landed on US soil?

This is what eventually transpires when you’ve destroyed so many countries disguising it all under the name of peace. Your allies become apprehensive. Perhaps the western allies are worn from being the small countries dragging in the large countries? Conceivably what transpires most often is superpowers send in their armaments and troops however they’ll be warring on their allies’ soil. What’s left of any of these countries when the dust settles? There are some excellent before and after pictures out there if anyone’s interested but I assure you it’s not much.

All of them enemies, really you’re sure about that? I strongly believe soon to be released is another version of a popular scenario. It’s called the boy who cried wolf. Soon no one’s going to be there, their tired of being stabbed in the back.  This is nearing its end result, you can’t continue swindling so many countries forever. It cannot go on and it won’t. If any of this still remains a bit fuzzy I’d suggest you follow the money and see where it leads. You’ll get crystal clear answers by doing so.

North Korea borders on three countries South Korea, China and Russia. Actually the entire length of the nation mates up with China. Now if you’re gullible enough to believe that China and Russia both superpowers are just going to sit back and let the US move its military hardware where ever it pleases you got another thing coming.

Forget the use of anything nuclear don’t go there is a poor argument at best trying to defend that position. It’s all smoke and mirrors. But I’ll tell you where the real danger lies. This is some serious sabre rattling performed in front of an ignorant audience. That has all the makings for a really bad outcome.

“The righteous many must confront the wicked few” was about the only truth that came out of his entire address. Understand though I’m focusing from an entirely different perspective. I suppose it was best said by Former Major General and two-time Medal of Honor recipient Smedley D. Butler when he said “War is a racket”. It is and you’d be best off by not representing the ball. Until next time.

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  • Gary Sep 23, 2017, 6:38 pm

    Barry as you may remember I was very torn during the presidential race regarding this Trump character and was on a roller coaster ride. At times I couldn’t believe my ears as he said things positive about Russian relations and not interfering in the middle east that no contender has ever said previously, and that goes back to Nixon running for president. Not one time did he bad mouth Russia or engage in any Russia-baiting and I found this absolutely astounding because Trump didn’t have to be this way and he easily could have out bad-mouthed Russia more than Hilary. But he didn’t and that got me thinking that maybe there’s something really profound going on. But then I recall his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention and, although he didn’t really mention Russia, he lashed out at Iran and the whole demeanor of his speech was vile and full of hatred and pomposity. I remember I wrote in a commentary to your blog that he, in his speech, reminded me of Mussolini as depicted in Charlie Chaplin’s “The Great Dictator.” So who was the real Donald Trump, the reasonable person who wants peace with Russia and stop getting involved in foreign wars or the jingoistic, narcissistic, and pompous warmonger. So my ups and downs regarding him lasted until 30 days into his presidency and his firing of Mike Flynn and his subsequent bombing of Syria. Well at least my roller coaster ride was over and I guess it’s always good to have closure. I really don’t know whether he was lying all along during his campaign or that the powers that be finally got to him but in the end it really doesn’t matter. He is what he is, it is what it is and his actions speak louder than words. He’s definitely on the dark side whether he meant it or not.

    Oh well another president betraying his base and contradicting what he said during his campaign. I guess there’s nothing new under the sun.

    • Barry Sep 24, 2017, 11:04 am

      They’re all the same power hungry psychopaths. The mechanism is broken the timepiece must be discarded and it will be. History repeats as you said there’s nothing new under the sun. Gonna be one hell of a roller derby and personally am glad to be nowhere near the stadium. People did this to themselves they always do. THE DESERVE WHAT THEY THEMSELVES CREATED!

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