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On Our Way to Enriquillo Alduino Shares his Cigar Knowledge

Continuing further into our excursion while enjoying one of the most beautiful scenes on the SW coast I made an innocent comment about how much I enjoyed my Alduino Maduro cigar last night. Soon after Alduino being a professional in the business began to explain the different wrappers being used on his most popular sellers. Just a bit of what you might call cigar talk. Enjoy the ride as our next video places us at a beach campsite which is the final stop for day two. To date this has been one of my most enjoyable journeys. For me all that was missing was Liane not taking part.

Once Liane previewed where we had camped commented that she wants to head out there for a few days downtime. I’m sure I’ll be filming scenes like the sunrise or the bait fish being chased by predators early in the AM. Either way it’s a welcome change from the norm. Until next time, Barry in DR.

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