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Los Patos to Los Blancos

As we continue our venture for our growing number of Spanish speaking subscribers we decided to do this video entirely in Spanish so… así que este video es para ti. Johnny and Alduino discuss how much natural beauty they’ve seen so far, but for the here and now this highway by the sea has them both blown away.

Off camera I inform them that it even gets better around Cabo Rojo (Red Cape) and that’s exactly where we’re set to spend our next night. Liane prearranged it for the three of us to be camping on the beach and even for me that will be a first! So far this adventure has been a total change from the everyday life around Cabrera but that’s one of the biggest reasons for loving this country. Short of snow skiing and ice skating there’s an endless amount of interests for the outdoors adventurer.  until next time, Barry in DR.

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