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By the Seaside in Los Patos

As we left the off road and came back to the main highway Alduino was mesmerized by what he saw. Actually both Johnny and Alduino asked me to take a quick pit stop so they could really enjoy the natural beauty. I figured at the same time why not break out the equipment and invite all of you to enjoy it as well. I ask Alduino to express what he sees are some of the major differences between what he’s noticing between viewing the Atlantic side as opposed to the Caribbean Sea side. The water, the waves and in general the terrain seemed all to be different to him. Perhaps you’ll see the same changes? Anyway as it goes a pit stop is never very long. Time to continue on or we won’t make it to our camping site for night number two. The DR is a big country and we’ve got a lot more miles to cover before nightfall.   Until next time, Barry in DR.

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