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Three Amigos Start Day 2 in SW from Los Patos

Last night ended late with an incredible Italian meal prepared by the owner of the hotel. Actually Johnny made a comment it was the best bolognesa sauce he had ever tasted. Since Johnny’s travelled all around Europe that say’s something. Of course we ended the night by swapping stories while consuming a large bottle of Leyenda (Legend) Brugal which is a fifteen year old blend.

After enjoying a great home cooked breakfast we headed out to start day two of our SW adventure. We decided to venture on a cut road that’s not on the map or on Google globe. It dead ended about 25 KM’s up the mountain at a place named Manier.

Manier is nothing more than a group of shanty’s shared by Haitian farm laborers. I can tell they were very suspicious when they noticed Yota (My truck) approaching as they all scattered back into their shacks. I’m confident they suspected we were from immigration and I cautioned Alduino who was taking several photos to be more discrete about doing so.

Once he heard my reasoning why I was cautioning him he understood completely as he said “I never thought about it that way but you are right”. I’ve been in so many similar circumstances and have learned slow soft and happy wins the race in that area.

We all didn’t need to agitate anyone by them being in fear and feeling they needed to defend themselves. Once they recognized we were no threat it was a much more relaxed environment and all shared a good laugh together. Strap in and enjoy the start of day two as the three amigos take off on day two of a four day adventure.  Until next time, Barry in DR.

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