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Joe & Maggie’s Party on Cabrereño Weekend

We met Joe and Maggie almost nine years ago. In fact it was Johnny who introduced us to begin with. Several year’s prior they both left Cabrera to pursue business options State side and eventually a percentage of these options blossomed. Turns out they’ve built an elegant second home in Cabrera.

After quite a long time we thought it was great to hear from them. Wasn’t long before Joe and Maggie invited us to a party they were having over the weekend. Since its Cabrereño weekend we assumed that’s what the deal was all about. I suppose we were part right. The other and perhaps more dominating part was to celebrate the finalizing of their home. It was a house warming party.

It was an awesome time and I even managed to make use of my cell phone and take a few scenes. When these guys throw a party they don’t short cut on anything. Live music & a DJ, waiters, open bar and incredible food including, goat, chicken, salads and an assortment of vegetables. The spread was amazing.

The next day (after a few coffees) we viewed the clips and right off the bat realized a couple of things. First off with the clips from the party a good video was definitely possible, and second it just might make a great video worth Joe and Maggie saving until they’re kids are grown up… better yet to be showing it all together when the future grand kids are sitting in.

Anyways it was a great time but still the best thing I love about the country atmosphere surrounding Cabrera is the togetherness. You’ll find the young and the old, the church patrons and the non-believers, the local and the foreigner all having a great time TOGETHER! I meet many who can’t even fathom this reality any longer. No doubt about it for some of us Cabrera is more than just a place to reside, for some of us it’s a way of life. Until next time, Barry in DR.

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