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A Great Week with Juan & his Family

Recently I had the opportunity to spend a week with Juan and his family. Juan and I first met about five years ago when unannounced he happened to be in Cabrera and initiated an invite to meet in person. Apparently Juan’s been following our blog for several years and always wanted to bring his family down to experience the Dominican culture. Like many we’ve met Juan realizes that an alternate plan is in order but not an easy task. While Juan realizes the importance of having a plan B when it comes to other friends and family is rapidly recognizing the challenges involved. I can sense he’s struggling with a common adversary named denial.

Born in Santo Domingo Juan did spend most of his life in western culture. He’s traveled back several times and we met in person about five years prior. When spending time together I could see how much sheer enjoyment was gained. The harmony eating healthy food even the simplicity of the warm and inviting culture seems to harmonize and thus return him to a simpler happier time. Being together for the week I can see the difference in his expressions from when he first arrived to late in the excursion when doing this interview. To me it was almost a night verses day transformation.

Grab a coffee or a coke, sit down and enjoy an interview where a Dominican expresses his true feelings about where things are heading, the country he left as a young boy, the appreciation of the country he was raised in and perhaps most important the changes he’s witnessing. It was a week with a family I genuinely enjoyed being with. I hope we were able to provide them an atmosphere worth considering.  Until next time, Barry in DR.

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