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An Incredible Journey

Open your mind and you will open your world to a broader understanding. A much better experience waits.

Perhaps the greatest gift I ever encountered was one I bequeathed myself. More accurately “allowed myself to receive.” For a time period well exceeding three decades I started to sense things were not as I’ve been taught they were. The time frames, geography, archaeology and the numbers all don’t line up and not  by a long shot. All the evidences run in every direction to the contrary. When first discovered I remember asking myself a series of thought provoking questions relating to the WHY of things and in fact still do. I’d finally arrived at this theory, if I’m ever going to be able to differentiate what is true from what is not it would involve countless hours of both research and study. In actuality it would be a never ending journey.

Be open to a new perspective. As an adult the first step to learning is unlearning.

Beginning to grasp the enormous commitment involved in evolving (couldn’t resist) I pondered if it would even be worth the endeavor. I’d be challenging my preconceived beliefs of what I was born into. I was also aware of the fact that should I commence on this journey certain subjects will undoubtedly come up in conversation in which several might take offence, myself included. I began to realize this endeavor, this so called journey will definitely have its effects on family and friends. There was little doubt in my mind that beginning this journey may stress previous relationships. In fact several of them might be placed in jeopardy. Again I kept asking is it all worth it what if anything will change, what if anything can I change?

I can still remember pondering for months before arriving at my final decision. In fact I was lost in thought for almost an entire year. This all took place back in the mid-eighties. I still ask the pertinent questions only from a higher level of understanding. It’s a journey and not a destination. After all these years I finally get it!

As a child being raised in both Canada and the United States conflicting beliefs began to unfold from a young age. These conflicts were only amplified by my traveling the world. I’ve either worked in or visited in excess of 100 countries and have lived in six. In other words I’ve met a lot of folks possessing a lot of different beliefs and after decades of research and countless hours of studying (in a nutshell) here’s what I’ve come to understand.

Almost 100% of folks I’ve met no matter where I’ve met them regardless of what nation I’ve met them in or no matter where they were born the same three root causes dovetails to form the overwhelming percentage of their subconscious beliefs. It’s where a near 100% of these beliefs originate from. First, it was the beliefs handed down to them from their family. In other words they were “born into it.” Second, it was the first and only belief they were ever exposed to. Third, it’s the predominate belief of the nation or country they reside in.

That’s it! That’s how the overwhelming majority received their deepest held beliefs. It’s passed down from family while based largely on geography. So the subconscious feeds the conscience which in turn forms that person’s view of what reality is. It’s worth mentioning again. That’s it!

I’d encourage you to test the results I’ve obtained with the circle of influence you presently encompass. Your results should yield your first WHY’s to several puzzling questions and WHY belief systems are so deep rooted. Most are subconsciously embedded since birth which represents the answer WHY most refuse to acknowledge any other possibilities even exist. It’s their born right to believe, and it is. Many refer to this as free will.

Are you beginning to better understand what’s all involved when deciding to take on this journey, this never ending journey? Enlightenment is a journey down a never ending path containing a lot of sharp curves. You’re best off if you take it slow and get some direction along the way.

Another point worth remembering is truth by its very nature remains belligerent and always will be. Why is that? Because truth is not subjective truth is objective and it’s because of that fact that truth remains in constant conflict with what is not truth. Similar to light verses dark or good verses evil it’s a never ending battle. It might be useful knowing dualities such as good verses evil or light verses dark go as far back as the earliest history of humanity. As they say there’s nothing new under the sun.

In the deepest revelation all that really exists is natural law… a lifelong subject of study in itself. Most are unaware of its core definition however two key attributes are one, it’s not made by man and two, its immutable! It can never be changed.

Decades later I now understand why this is the way it is. The subconscious controls the conscience and for the vast majority that’s where they’ve defaulted. They’ve remained comfortable in belief and it’s very understandable. As the saying goes velvet handcuffs can be comfortable but still restrict your freedom.

Whoever decides to take on this journey will find many perils in the beginning stages. You’ll need to be willing to take the blows along the way. Roll with the punches and stop trying to push the river. Just a personal thought for your consideration. If you decide to awaken and embark on this journey it’s hard enough for you to unveil for yourself what lies hidden. Stop trying to get others to do it too. Each of us has to take this on by themselves for themselves. There is no other way.

If you’re determined enough to stick out the initial scorns soon enough you’ll find the ridicule will become evermore silent. At least in your own mind it will. You begin understanding that we’re all on various levels of understanding at different levels of enlightenment. You stop trying to carry others with you. You realize that’s impossible. If you’re willing to stick with it and hang on through those beginning stages soon enough something shifts. Something never seen before begins to expose itself. You discover each stop each curve on this path begins to unearth varying levels of advanced perception. Most will experience new levels of envisioning what was always there but never before seen. You’ve reached higher realms which lead to varying levels of contentment never before experienced. It’s the inner peace that comes from knowing rather than believing. You begin putting your former thoughts aside and discover all along the real question has always been. Do I want to be Enlightened?

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