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Rancho Tipico Cueva de las Aguilas

After a long drive we finally arrive at our next stop along the way. It’s a place where I’ve visited two prior times called Rancho Tipico Cueva de las Aguillas or Typical Ranch Cave of the Eagles in English. In fact my last time here Johnny was with me and because of its natural beauty commented on how he wanted to return someday.

Upon arriving the first thing we wanted to do was to grab a late lunch and that’s exactly what we did. While lunch was being prepared I couldn’t help but notice that the place had expanded. Looking a bit further we discovered several tents placed in various locations along the beach. Interested in what was witnessed we started asking some questions.

Our last trip out we got to meet Santiago Rodriguez owner of the establishment. As luck would have it he was on site so we arranged a quick Q and A session. Johnny and Alduino sat down and together with Santiago explored a brief history of the project and how it came to be. They also explored the rumor of expanding the small military airport thus opening up this region of the DR.

After the customary greetings Johnny first asks how long have they been in the region. It turns out the business is part of a fifteen year family endeavor. Actually Santiago’s mother still participates from time to time. Initially it began as a restaurant. Santiago thought a place in such beautiful surroundings would make for an excellent restaurant location. So that’s what they did by initially providing fresh caught seafood’s and from there eventually expanded to a full service menu. Currently the Bay of Eagles offers a full service bar, restaurant and boat tours. What caught our eye and actually made our decision on where we’d be spending our 2nd night were the newly formed camping facilities right on the beach!

This was a first even for me and I really wanted to experience waking up a mere 25 feet from one of the most pristine shorelines ever seen. Santiago explains “when we came here the area didn’t have anything. I initially thought to myself why not start a business where people could come and enjoy the incredible surroundings, a family atmosphere.”

Santiago continues “it took a lot of work with local authorities to allow this project to come to fruition but we finally were granted permission.” Santiago explains “for me the most important thing above all, is when people come here that they feel happy with the services provided.” Santiago adds “it’s an area destine for future growth and we want to play an active role in its development.”

Johnny asked Santiago about the rumors of expanding the small landing strip that’s currently being used for the military. Santiago replied “Currently the airport is functional. Its use is limited to the military, private planes and helicopters. I’m aware of the gossip about its expansion but as of this time there’s nothing concrete about it. Although I’ve read the articles in the local press for now it remains lost in the winds. If it happens it would be a most welcome improvement that will open up the region in its entirety.” When asked where you see the region heading over the next five years Santiago responded by saying “What I can tell you is this. The President and local authorities want to see the region expanded and they are investing large sums in efforts to guide it towards that direction. I have faith we’ll be seeing immense growth not only in Real Estate but in terms of the volume of people visiting.”

Seems Santiago might be right as two full busses just pulled in. Both Johnny and Alduino thanked Santiago and by being flexible we just found a great place to tent it for the night. Our next video continues next morning with an up close look at the eco-camping available. It was a unique experience to waking up a mere 25 feet from the shoreline. I did a few minor repairs on Yota followed by a swim. Perhaps the many folks who correspond with me might have a better idea of why I sign off most emails with the closing Best Adventures. This surly turned out to be one of them.    Until next time, Barry in DR.

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