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The Pension Crises Will Be The Next Perfect Storm

August 20 2018

The path towards the future can be confusing.

Ever notice it’s not until our doctor or accountant mentions something along the lines of “we have to meet and promptly” do any of our internal red flags begin waving. It’s not until these foreboding words really settle in that your mind initiates its travels various directions. Confusion and fear sets off that “Huston we have a problem” mindset. For whatever reason most of us are wired to handle these situations from the reactive rather than proactive so why is that? It’s as if we’re hard wired that way. Who really knows perhaps it’s stitched into our DNA by our creator?

We all hold the keys to unlocking the doors. It’s up to each of us to unlock the one’s we choose to. Choose wisely.

I mention this because over the next one and a half to two decades humanity is going to be experiencing changes it’s never faced before. In particular I’m referring to what I term as “the next perfect storm” the pension crises. Whenever news emanates from subjects correlating to politics, war, crime, poverty, drugs or the quality of the foods we eat there seems to be no shortage of available sources posting information. In fact many might term it as an information overload. While I tend to agree with many open eyed researchers the heftier percentage of it may not be accurate however it still is out there for the taking. In fact we’re being bombarded with it.

Conversely this “perfect storm” this catastrophic event I’m referring to has all the attributes to form a major internal conflict yet it’s a topic that never obtains the attention it should. It’s a potential war that’s going to create internal chaos within a nations own citizenry… an internal war where each nation will be pitted against itself. The haves verses the have-nots.

I have little doubt the fatalities will be high. Not only coming from a physical sense but in many cases the emotional damage caused will be irreparable which is why I say those affected should also be considered a victim of war. A lot of good honest folks who rightfully worked decades for these pensions will not be able to handle this future reality.

Those choosing to view it from the reactive view will perhaps for the first time come to an understanding what the term Hegelian dialectic is and what it’s actually about. The perils of an internal war… can you think of a better opportunity to replay the Problem, Reaction, Solution scenario. Those familiar with the term already see this all to familiar pattern reoccurring.

Doing some basic research I was shocked to discover throughout history various Governments defaulted on their debt obligations in excess of two hundred and sixty five times. With this compelling new data I have little doubt over the next decade or two that number’s going to increase significantly. In fact if one’s eyes are focused they’d be seeing it now, it’s happening all over. Governments are defaulting on past promises. Funny how corruption has a way of doing that. Will we ever learn or are we being set up for the next Problem, Reaction only to be provided with the Solution by the very same people who created the problem. Like I’ve repeatedly mentioned nothing ever changes but the technology.

Not all that long ago I met a family who came down to experience one of our tours. We got along well and over time as the conversations grew deeper eventually began asking why they’re considering relocating as an option. Instead of the usual responses what I received was “I can no longer afford the corruption in my nation.” I was stunned by such an honest answer. He continued “all Governments are corrupt only a fool thinks otherwise. We’re here on this tour trying to locate a decent place to live where we still can afford the corruption.” A brilliant response I still remember to this day. Excellent example of what proactive thinking is all about.

What follows is another example only deriving from the reactive side. Living in the DR for so many years I’ve gotten to know several folks from Puerto Rico. Since Hurricane Maria all of them specifically the ones who couldn’t flee who had no other place to go have gotten a bitter taste of what Government promises really turn out to be worth. To this very day one of the clearest ways it can be expressed is by quoting that old cliché “the emperor has no clothes” there’s nothing more than smoke and mirrors.  Same can be said about the empty promises originating out of Argentina Brazil Venezuela and Your Nation. Again it’s a proactive verses a reactive view. No right and wrong only choices but it does reiterate (at least to me) how brilliant that first answer remains.

Due to the various happenings  around our world I do get to meet a lot of good folks who for at least safety sake recognize the need to diversify a portion of their holdings and for the greater portion they do. They clearly understand the logic. However there is another thought pattern that appears to be quite common. The folks I’m referring to are the one’s who see the same picture but seem to forget that before something can happen something has to move. An exertion of energy precedes any result.

I’ve come to understand that subconsciously many in this category seem to be waiting until everything in their present circumstances lines up perfectly before commencing further. For those affected I have a sad reality. The only day that everything lines up perfectly is the day that you die. From that point on, when you’ve become a corpse nothing matters in the physical domain, the domain you’re currently visiting.

I understand, we all procrastinate in various areas of our lives but this upcoming “Perfect Storm” is one tempest you don’t want to be caught in. Think about it. The combination of pensions, Social Security and Government at close intervals begin facing serious cut backs possibly even defaulting. Can you begin to imagine the magnitude of internal chaos this would create? Can you better understand why it’s this type of storm that pits neighbor against neighbor? If history proves correct it’s during these internal conflicts when neighbors may become your most dangerous enemies.

Being that less than one percent of American citizens even have a foreign bank account I don’t see this ending well. The percentage of those possessing foreign bank accounts in all other nations shows substantially higher. I do realize for example over in Europe that some of this is based on geography but let’s be honest largely it’s based on belief.

Most reactive thinkers are in one way or another stuck in a comfort zone and can’t handle the hard facts. Perhaps it might help take some of the pressures off if people would learn to think in terms of reallocating rather than spending. In all actuality that’s all you are doing. It’s still there; nothing’s been spent. In the future you’ve always got the option to reconvert those holdings.

Regardless of what the answers are one thing remains steadfast as the cornerstones of a solid structure. We all have the inherent free will to make our own choices. It’s only when it comes to protecting us from the effects of making those choices that our free will runs into that solid structure I just mentioned. Before closing off there is one other fact that I’d like to share and that is running into any wall unprotected is going to hurt lots. Until next time.

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