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Three Amigos Departing Cabo Rojo

After enjoying an excellent lunch we realized that the hours are fast ticking away and we still needed to cover a fair amount of ground before the end of the day. We took the old beach road and while filming the natural beauty began discussing the changes since last being there. One major option that wasn’t available the previous time visiting was camping facilities. While it is a bit of an upgrade with each tent featuring beds and nightstands it still was very basic and would be a new experience for just about anyone.  Full security, hot showers and a great place to wind away the evening, awaits anyone willing to take the long drive. I’ll be returning one day with Liane to experience it for ourselves. Enjoy one of the prettiest areas I know of on the entire SW coastline.  Tomorrow we begin our venture through the backroads hoping to end up in Constanza.  Until next time, Barry in DR.

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