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November Update for Montana Y Mar Project

Finally I was able to put together an update on the Montana y Mar project. If you’ve been watching our videos you already know about the paving taking place in our neighboring regions. For folks like Johnny and me this means opportunity. Several new doors are opening up for us and if their opening for us there also opening for our subscribers.

There’s yet another new home breaking ground in Montana y Mar. The final grading along with the cistern and pool rebar is already in place. Another new home is now about 75% complete while yet another just finished with the landscaping. Currently there’s a large two story home underway located on the front cliff. Also I’ve included a finished peek at our last section. Four breathtaking lots are currently being surveyed and final plans should be arriving over the next few weeks.

Yes there’s a lot of activity and we’re excited about all the new and revisiting folks coming out this winter. For some it will be their time to assemble their home plans while for others it will be time to decide on their final choice of which property’s right for them.  Either way Liane, Johnny and I are happy to be seeing everyone. Speaking of that what are you waiting for? With all the new infrastructure taking place prices may rise soon, for some of our customers they already have. Well I have to go for now. Until next time, this is Barry in DR.

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