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4 Wheeling in the Dominican Republic

The DR offers endless possibilities when it comes to seeking adventure. There’s hiking, scuba diving, windsurfing and white water rafting just to name a few of the many choices waiting for the enthusiast to enjoy. Due to the mountainous terrain the change in climate offer a unique and diverse environment that almost anyone can enjoy. Aside from winter sports the DR offers just about everything under the sun. DR spells diversity that’s for certain.

For quite some time now my favorite past time has been off-roading. I love exploring the endless off road opportunities offered throughout the country. There are many 4X4 clubs and group rallies are very common. I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying my pastime passion in several countries ranging from my home country of Canada to Australia even throughout the Mideast. One thing I’ve learned through personal experience is different countries offer different terrain. That means to be properly prepared differs from country to country and the DR is no exception.

Strap in as I head out on a bit more of a rugged cut road I’ve dubbed the eye of the needle. Twice I’ve made it and twice I’ve bogged down and had to recover. At times I enjoy pushing it to the max while other times I tend to enjoy the endless rock roads that offer mild extremes. Liane, Johnny and Alduino love joining in and what’s even more fun is when we go with a few other vehicles in a group.

When time permits I’ll be discussing what (at least I feel) should be some of the basic safety gear required to tackle the terrain in the DR. I will also be covering on how just about any four wheel vehicle is suitable for endless hours of adventure. YOU DON’T NEED A YOTA! It’s a great way for people of NON hard core enthusiasts to get together in groups and enjoy some of the best scenery on the planet. I can assure you the memories will last a life time. At least for me they do. Until next time, this is Barry in DR.

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