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Off-Roading in the DR – Video 1 Introduction

Continuing on with my next video pertaining to off-roading in the DR, I begin with a brief history of what got me hooked on the sport. I fully disclose that I’m not an expert but rather an enthusiast that’s had the privilege of enjoying the sport for over thirty years and in several countries.

When first settling in the Dominican Republic rapidly it became apparent that this place is an off-road heaven for folks who share the same passion as I do. There are literally thousands of miles waiting for the enthusiast to discover. Every aspect of the sport is just waiting to be enjoyed from the most extreme to the most tamed. It’s kind of like white water rafting where the DR offers class one thru class five, well the same goes for the countries off-roading.

In this segment I discuss some differences of off-roading in the DR compared to much larger countries such as Australia, much is the same yet much is different. Things like the climate, the size of the country and even the terrain all make a difference as to what you’ll require. I’m making these videos in efforts to get more folks to consider enjoying one of the most relaxing and rewarding experiences to be had while visiting or living in the DR.

On a closing note while I enjoy a bit more of the middle to extreme levels of the sport that is not what these videos are all about. For those who are interested in that kind of thing the DR offers many organized group rallies throughout the year. If interested just shoot me an email and I’ll send you some links to check out. You may be surprised to know that many of them have over 200 vehicles participating.

These videos are about mild family off-roading that can be fully enjoyed with a simple vehicle and a bit of common sense equipment. If you grow to love it like I do you’ll naturally progress up the ranks and begin enjoying some of what I term class two, three and four. For now just buckle up and enjoy! Until next time, this is Barry in DR.

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